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Palm Springs Weekending

This post is in partnership with The Weekend House, but all opinions are my own.  Some of the links I've included may be affiliate links, which will earn me a small commission when you click on them. 

Palm Springs came across my radar a few years ago, and I immediately fell in love with the colorful & quaint city upon my first visit in 2016.  While I was there during that first visit, a man at a neighboring table at Bingo night warned me to "be careful, Palm Springs will get in your blood!".  To say he hit the nail on the head would be an understatement! 

A couple of visits later, I fell in love with the annual Palm Springs event called Modernism Week, a celebration of midcentury architecture, design, and culture.  While I was there as part of the "Mod Squad", I stayed at the gosh darn adorable Weekend House.  You can find my other recommendations around town in my Palm Springs Life Magazine Weekend Guide, but keep scrolling to see why Lucy Marie Photography & I fell so in love with The Weekend House! 

all images c/o  Lucy Marie Photography

all images c/o Lucy Marie Photography

Themed Rooms Abound

I love a good theme, so why not have a whole room that hightlights your favorite icon.  The Weekend House has a flamingo room, pineapple room, cactus room, and the list goes on.  I have to say I think the Flamingo room stole my heart.  That pink phone is just too much!


Games Galore

I'm always a sucker for fun and games.  One of my favorite tried and true ways to make it feel more like the weekend is to shut of the television and break out the board games!  The Weekend House made me rediscover my love for Dominoes, so I bought this adorable pair that they had in their super chic den.  They had so many cute games both indoors and out- corn hole, ping pong, you name it!  


Outdoor Haven, Check!

The best way to enjoy your vacation is to make sure you have a tranquil space to enjoy the outdoors.  In Palm Springs, a pool is a must. They had a hot tub for us to enjoy, too!  We certainly spent some good quality time living it up in this very well thought out backyard. Doesn't being surrounded by lots of green just make you so happy?! This is my kind of "great outdoors"!

Email me or get in touch on Instagram if you ever make your way to Palm Springs. I would love to help you have fun in my California happy place!  You can follow #WeekenderTravels to get even more travel inspiration, or pin this to Pinterest so you don't forget to add it to your bucket list.



Weekender Wardrobe: Top Travel Bag Trends

I am pretty sure I will get permanently locked out of my house if I come home with another bag!  I'm really all set for the time being, but different bags are awesome for both fashion and function- packing my dog's necessities for grandma's house, schlepping things to photo shoots, or just making a fun fashion statement while I travel.  Whether your travels take you to the store, the gym, or all the way across the country, here are some trends I think you'll love!

Go Retro

How awesome was it when people used to travel with a hat box, a make-up case, and all matching luggage?  I'm loving the resurgence of these vintage styles!

Use Your Words 

I am a shameless self promoter, so I put my branding on pretty much anything possible.  When I'm on business trips this is a great way to strike up a chit chat with a stranger.  Even if you're not using your own branding, just having a fun phrase can be the perfect conversation starter! 

Charleston Weekender Southern Charm Pouch  & Canvas Weekender Bag // Pouches & Bags: First Class: Pouch & Duffel, Available For Weekends Pouch & Duffel Bag

Pop Your Color

Fun colors & prints will make you feel a little more vibrant, whether you're schlepping your stuff to the gym or toting groceries.

Land's End Duffel Bag (available in multiple colors) // Crab & Cleek Palm Frond Tote // Oh Joy Confetti Luggage 

I hope you enjoyed my picks!  Check out this post on what to pack the next time you're heading to a conference, and have a look at my travel guides here.



The Instagrammer's Guide to San Francisco: 10 Photo Worthy Stops


San Francisco was definitely one of my favorite places to visit in the last few months!  There are so many great cafes, restaurants, and shops that I checked out when I was there celebrating my mom's 70th birthday.  I never got around to sharing some of our favorites. I hope you enjoy these spots as much as we did!

-Good Eats-

1. Le Marais Bakery

You'll love this adorable gem; an authentic Parisian menu and bright and sunny surroundings? Yes, please!

IMG_0437 (1).JPG

You might want to go for the cute decor alone, and you'll definitely want to stay for the chocolate mousse that's served from a gold pineapple! 


3. Mr. Holmes Bakeshop

A place that's so nice, we at there TWICE!  One cronut was just not enough. They have different flavors every day and we just loved everything we tried! 

4. Jane Cafe

This was a great spot if you want to eat somewhere with plenty of whole foods on the menu for breakfast or lunch. We ate at the Fillmore location, which had other cute nearby shops (like Saje who has awesome essential oils), and you can go to the Larkin St. location if you want to see their cool wall. 

-Fun Sights-

5. Lombard Street (World's Crookedest Street)

I recommend you try to walk AND drive on this street; both are a fun and different experience. If you drive (or ask your Uber driver to take you) down this street, you really understand where it got it's name.  You don't take the same winding route if you walk, but you get to enjoy taking in the awesome houses along the way.  This blue one is my favorite!


6.  Fisherman's Wharf

This is the area where you can check out The Buena Vista for their famous Irish coffees, find the best trolleys, and get catch great views of the Golden Gate Bridge.  You're close to Ghirardelli Square, and not terribly far from Pier 39 to check out the seals.  All in all this is a great part of town to make sure you see while you're here!  We took a trolley from Lombard Street down to the bottom of the hill to Fisherman's Wharf and it was lots of fun!


7. The Painted Ladies

These are the Full House houses- sort of... these houses ARE seen in the opening credits, but the actual Tanner house that is shown when zoomed in is in another location.  Regardless, this is a really pretty park (Alamo Park) where you might stumble upon a food truck while you take in the great 360 views.


8. Golden Gate Park

This place is giant, so I would hone in on one or two areas of the expansive park.  My favorite is definitely the Japanese tea garden!



The next few spots are really just for you folks you decide to rent a car, which I highly recommend so you don't miss these great places! 

9. Muir Woods/Sausalito

The Muir Woods National Forest was quite a sight to see!  Take the advice from another post I found and get there early; we definitely had to circle around for around 15-20 minutes to try to get a parking spot.  On the way home we stopped off in Sausalito.  Had it not been a rainy day we would have loved to explore more of this seaside town.  It had the flavor of a European village by the sea!


10. Half Moon Bay (The Ritz Carlton)

If you remember the American Pie movies, you might recognize this setting from American Wedding.  If I didn't know any better I might think I was in Ireland!  I love sitting by their fire pits while taking the breathtaking Pacific Ocean views, and we loved our meal at the restaurant as well.  This is a great short day trip to give you a perfect dose of the scenic Pacific Coast Highway. 

image c/o Ritz Carlton

image c/o Ritz Carlton

-Bonus Spots-

If either of these colorful pop up exhibits is still in town, check out The Color Factory and/or the Museum of Ice Cream.  The MOIC currently has an exhibit in Miami & I'm not sure about The Color Factory.  You can sign up on their websites to stay in the loop!



Best Window Boxes & Doors of Charleston (Christmas Edition)


I bet you've noticed Charleston doors popping up all over Instagram lately- there are pretty wreaths and garlands galore!  If you're looking for a short route to pack in a lot of great doors and window boxes, here is what I suggest:

1. Start at Rainbow Row (East Bay & Tradd).

2. Head down Tradd Street.


3.  Make a right to go north on Meeting, but first cross to the opposite side of the street & stand in front of the orange door that's flanked by palms.  From there you can look across the street and see the house with the Santa hat!

4. Walk up Meeting & make a right on Broad.


5. Make a left when you get to East Bay & head to Vendue Range. 


Head to my Instagram if you'd like to see more pretty Charleston sights & recommendations!



How We Hygge in Charleston


This post is in partnership with Wild Dunes but all opinions are my own.  Some links are affiliate links which earn me a commission, and I appreciate your help in supporting this blog!


I'm guessing by now you've probably heard of the term "hygge" (pronounced hoo-ga).  It's a Danish concept, and a Google search will give you some variation of the following definition:  the feeling/experience of friendship, warmth, peace, and contentment in a cozy & comfortable atmosphere.  Hygge is about celebrating a simple way of life & appreciating the little things; a cozy room filled with candles, an intimate meal with friends, cuddles with your fur baby, or sitting around the fire savoring some hot chocolate or s'mores.  Here in Charleston, we are a little bit more experienced with sun bathing than thriving in the cold like the Danish do.  However, there are a lot of little things you can do if you want to add a little dose of hygge to your life this winter!  My friend Brenda and I enjoyed the nicest staycation at The Boardwalk Inn at Wild Dunes Resort recently, with the intent to make our weekend as hygge as possible.  Read on and see how you think we did!


-Savor the Flavor-

One thing that we are already extra great at in Charleston that's a pretty big component of hygge?  FOOD.  Really sitting down and enjoying a meal over great conversation (i.e. NO smart phones) is what it's all about.  The amazing chef at Coastal Provisions kept us well fed at their restaurant all weekend, and even packed us up the most magical lowcountry boil one day!  We took it down the boardwalk and to the beach so we could enjoy a little beach picnic.  Getting beside the ocean in the off season is pretty magical, and this was the perfect meal to really savor along with a little champagne & chatting.   

The mini pecan pies were out of this world!  (Yes I know I'm not supposed to have wheat or dairy but... #WORTHIT!) Brenda played a ukulele concert after we ate, so we were able to stay in this hygge moment a little bit longer.  It was so refreshing not to be rushing off to the next thing!

-Hands On-

I think creating something with your hands can be a very hygge thing to do as well.  Wild Dunes offers lessons with an amazing local sweetgrass basket weaver, so we were super excited to try our hand at this!  After a 2 hour lesson we already had a small basket!  It's really relaxing to give your mind something simple and repetitive to concentrate on, and basket weaving is pretty easy to get the hang of.  


Brenda knows how to knit, too, so the couch in our suite was the perfect work space for her.  Any type of activity or game can be a good way to experience friendship and live in the moment; checkers, chess, or card games will do if you're not a maker.

-Burn Baby Burn-

One of the most crucial components of creating a hygge atmosphere?  Candles!  We brought our own along to enjoy in our room, a limited edition Christmas candle from The Contents Co.  I would say that really any kind of fire is pretty hygge!  One night we made s'mores by the fire pit after a comfort food overload at The Salty Goat, and we loved eating by the fireplace at Coastal Provisions.


-(Don't) Pack Light-

It's pretty simple to pack for a hygge weekend if you follow a few parameters.  I recommend NO heels, plenty of warm accessories, and lots of soft & comfy layers.  Of course I brought some Turkish towels to keep us cozy while we were enjoying tranquilo vibes on our couch!  

I wound up bringing a mixture of casual dresses/tops and cozy sweaters.  For brunch, we wore our super soft Escapada dresses.  Both are majorly on sale (Brenda's tassel dress // Liz's wrap dress), and they work well with tights in the winter.  I paired mine with some Talbots pom-pom flats that are so comfy, they might as well be slippers.  They come in 4 colors and I bet the yellow ones will really make you smile!  


If you're interested in learning more about this happy way of Danish living, I recommend The Little Book of Hygge, and be sure to check out Wild Dunes Resort if you want to have a hygge getaway or staycation of your own!