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Weekender Home Tour: Hampton House

Hampton House on Grove Street | Charleston Home Tour

This is a home I always stop to notice when I pass it on one of my runs along Grove Street, aptly named “Hampton House” since it’s a short walk from Hampton Park. It caught my attention because it’s a bit of a neighborhood rebel; it’s striking architectural presence sticks out like a hip urban sore thumb. It is almost museum-esque & looks nothing like most of the other homes on this street (or on the peninsula, for that matter), and I mean that in the best way. However, occasionally you’ll be reminded that this is indeed a Lowcountry home by something inside- a giant oak tree peeking in from the bathroom window or a vase of hydrangea here and there.

After seeing photos of the interior I am even more fascinated by the Hampton House, which is a founding sponsor of the Redux Contemporary Art Center's "Home is Art" community outreach program. Students from the local James Simons School were awarded scholarships to attend design sessions at Redux that exposed budding architects to the works of Frank Gehry, I.M. Pei, Rem Koolhaas, Renzo Piano, and more. I now appreciate this home even more, so let’s have a look inside, shall we?

A few quick facts about the home:

Year built: 2017
Location: Near Hampton Park on Grove Street
Who lives here? A design couple from New York and Los Angeles

Hampton House Charleston Home Tour

What is your Favorite feature of your house?

The architecture and design input from the local creative community.

What would you change about it, if anything?

Not a thing!

Charleston Weekender Hampton House Home Tour

Tell us about the design- did you have help from a designer or how did that all happen?

The architect (Kevan Hoertdoefer) was given a blank canvas to create anything he wanted. The addition of design installations by local artists enhances Kevan's overall design concepts.

What are some must haves that help make your space functional while also being such a design lovers dream?

Light, space, openness, livability and art.

Charleston Weekender Home Tour | Hampton House

Share some of the sources you used to decorate- i.e. stores, websites, artists you love . Architect / Kevan Hoertdoerpher . Floating stairs art / Tess Thomas. Metal designs / Eric Doran. Woodwork designs / Spiro Skartsiounis. Inspirations: Poet: Charles Bukowski's "All the way". Artist: Richard Diebenkorn's "116 Ocean Park". Music: Air's "La Femme d'Argent". Design: Frank Gehry and John Lautner

hampton house dining room | Charleston Home tour

Isn’t this home a stunner!? The inside is indeed a masterpiece, but the outside spaces are their own well thought out pieces of art.

A spcial thank you to Chauncey Clark, the home’s listing agent, for helping me get a peek inside this fabulous work of art! You can learn more about Hampton House and see the listing here. However, if you wind up buying this peninsular palace, I would really love to be invited over for dinner & an in-person tour!



Weekender Home Tour: MylkBar Founder Katie Shields

Mount Pleasant, SC home

I got to do a photo shoot in this lovely house back in 2018, and let me tell you- it’s even more stunning in person! The kitchen and master closet are goals, people. The home belongs to the talented local entrepreneur who founded MylkBar, Katie Shields.

Give us some quick facts about the house.

Year built: 2017

Part of town: Mount Pleasant

Who lives here with you: My husband Kirk and our two children, Pace and Collier

What is your favorite feature of your house?

We are one of the few homes in Mount Pleasant that is built on a virgin plat of land. Because of this, we were able to maintain the original survey done in the 1800s and build all the way to the critical line. This allows for a spectacular view of the marsh from many areas of the home, and we’ve created lots of outdoor spaces that allow us to enjoy our surroundings.


My favorite room is our master bedroom because it is full of natural light with 180 degree views of the marsh.

master bedroom with dorothy draper martinique wallpaper
white bathroom with rattan accents

Tell us about the design; did you have help from a designer or how did that all happen?

I did all of the selections and design on my own. While I am certainly not a professional, I consider myself an enthusiast! Both of my grandmothers had very stylishly designed homes with features like bold wallpaper and fixtures, so this has always been appealing to me. In fact, I wish I had taken more risks and done green tile in the master bath, but we plan to do that on the next home we build! Things were a bit crazy during the time period in which we designed our current home as I was simultaneously managing the build out for my business, Mylkbar Eco Nails & Beauty, and juggling a new baby. I must thrive on chaos because we are about to do it all over again with another new baby, new Mylkbar location in Nashville, and build a house again! Our current home is listed for sale.

What are some must-haves that help make your space more functional for a family of four?

Wide. Open. Spaces. LOL. And plenty of cabinets! We added more custom cabinets to our den area recently because my toddler brings all of her toys into that area. It used to really make me crazy because I am super organized and do not like clutter, but we had to just embrace it and add more cabinets in that room. Having an open concept in the main living area is really nice for kids, too, because they need room for inside play; especially when the weather prevents them from going outside. One thing I would do differently is install built-in baby gates... Have you seen the options for baby gates?! WOOF. They're all so ugly, which is really unfortunate because someone could be making a lot of money if they made attractive baby gates. We are definitely doing custom baby gates in our next home.

cabinets for extra storage in den

Share some of the sources you used to decorate. What local stores/artists and websites do you love for finding those stylish accents?

My favorite place to shop locally is Celadon. Their service is impeccable and the finds are pretty unique as their buyers go on trips to curate distinct furniture and decor with limited quantities being sold. I also love GDC as they have an impeccable selection of fine fabrics. We recently got an antique chair recovered that has been in my family since the 1800s and I used a blush pink linen fabric that I found from GDC. My favorite designers to follow include my good friend Megan McFarland and I also love Justina Blakeney, Banner Day Interiors, and Audrey Crisp Interiors. One of my favorite websites is Designer Wallcoverings; they carry brands like Thibaut, Coordonne Spain, and Beverly Hills Wallpaper.

Lowcountry entryway, white with natural accents

Can people stay in this beautiful home or do you have any rental properties listed on VRBO/Airbnb?

We are actually working on a VRBO that we invested in with my parents off of Coleman Blvd. We plan to live there while we build again, so stay tuned for the VRBO updates. You can also follow my business adventures on our Mylkbar Instagram and website. I designed both the location here and the one in Nashville. For Nashville, we used the same colorway found in our Charleston location, but the vibe is more modern, less beachy. Can't wait for y'all to see what we have in store!

Charleston home surrounded by oak trees and marsh views

Thank you so much to Katie for letting us peek inside her fabulous home. Find more Charleston home tours here, get some ideas for your next visit or play tourist in your own town with my Charleston Guide, and come say hi on my Instagram for lots more inspiration!

all images c/o Tyler Davidson



Weekend Entertaining: A Squeeze the Day Soriée

white bar cart decorated for lemon party

Sometimes life gives us lemons, can I get an amen? I’ve been on a major lemon kick lately when it comes to decor, and I think it’s because yellow is just such a happy pop of color & lemons add a little whimsy to everything. I recently got a lemon enamel pin that says “squeeze the day”, and I got to thinking this would make a really cute party theme! Perhaps it could work as a pick me up for a friend who has been dealt some lemons lately, a birthday party, promotion, or a graduation celebration. Serve lemoncello spritzers if you’re entertaining adults (recipe below), and opt for lemonade if you’re celebrating with kids. I hope you enjoy this little album of inspiration photos!

lemon plastic wine glasses from Martha Stewart

All of the Martha Stewart items in this post were gifted to me, but I only accept gifts I love! Some of the links in this post are affiliate links that will earn me a commission.

lemon themed party with lemon balloons

How cute are these balloons I found?! Keep scrolling to the end for all product sources &

check out the Limoncello Spritzer recipe I like to use:

Squeeze The Day Limoncello Spritzer:

  1. Pour 1.5-2 ounces chilled limoncello over ice.

  2. Alternate adding chilled bubbly (I prefer a brut like Freixenet) and sparkling water until glass is full.

  3. Stir, then garnish with a lemon wedge & serve.

Mylar Lemon Balloons for Lemon Themed Party// Draper James Dress
lemon mani for lemon themed party

Cheers, my friends. Don’t forget to make every day feel like the weekend!

lemon themed party with lemon balloons



Charleston Weekender Home Tour


Decorating our house became my main project last summer when I was a little lost with the direction of my business. A creative project can really keep me going, and decorating is always so much fun for me. I find it helps me get started to have some kind of theme when I’m decorating; be it a color story or some other concept. Well, for our downtown Charleston home I thought about how happy boutique hotels make me when I travel. I get a little blue when I get back from a trip, so I thought maybe I should take a note out of my own playbook and try to make every day feel more like a weekend getaway! Therefore I incorporated some of my favorite destinations and hotels throughout the house. Our living room is modeled after the Summercamp Hotel in Martha’s Vineyard and is filled with lots of camp-y outdoors-y vibes, and the rest of the house is a mish mash of my favorite Florida and California cities. Have a look at some of the rooms below, and see the full home tour on Apartment Therapy, photographed by Margaret Wright.

This post contains affiliate links that help support this blog.

Colorful Bar cart styling

New England Living Room

Colorful living room with grey couch

Florida Guest Room

Palm Springs Master Bedroom (with a little Winter Park mixed in)

navy and green master bedroom with blue patterned headboard

Other Snippets of Our Home



Weekending at Home: Bathroom Inspo from Hygge & West

Wallpaper Ideas for Bathrooms

I’d love to wallpaper my entire house, but sometimes it’s better to start small with an accent wall such as a bathroom. I thought I would give you guys an expert’s guide to all things wallpaper, so who better than Aimee Lagos & Christiana Coop (the founders of Hygge & West) to keep us up to date on the latest trends and tips!?

Liz: What wallpaper designs look best in smaller bathrooms vs. larger bathrooms? Is it all about the size of the print?

H & W: Bathrooms are the perfect spot in the house to really let loose with your pattern choice. Dark, light, big scale, small scale – you can’t go wrong with this one! Traditionally smaller repeat patterns work better in smaller spaces and vice versa, but ultimately the most important thing to consider is what will make a person happy when they open the door.

Liz: Wallpaper ceiling- yay or nay?

H & W: 100% YAY. People often overlook the ceiling as a surface to wallpaper, but it’s a unique and unexpected treatment that can add so much to a room. We recently did a round up of our favorite ceiling installations and wallpaper patterns for the ceilings if you’re looking for more inspiration:

Liz: Would you say bathroom inspiration usually starts with wall color/pattern or another element?

H & W: Most of the time, people are not starting from scratch design wise - there are existing elements in the bathroom to consider such as the vanity, tile, etc. So you start within a design scheme and then find a pattern and colorway that will complement what’s already there. When starting from scratch, color seems to be a strong source of inspiration - we see a lot of navy and blues being used in bathroom installations and our metallic gold patterns have also been popular with all the brass hardware and lighting that’s so on trend nowadays.

Liz: Is wallpapering an entire bathroom “in” or mostly accent walls?

H & W: We think that wallpapering an entire bathroom is generally the way to go, unless it happens to be a very large bathroom. You can treat that room like a jewel box and really just surround yourself in pattern. Bonus points for doing the ceiling, too.

Liz: How do you warm someone up to the commitment of wallpaper in a world where design trends are changing constantly?

Hygge & West Wallpaper for Bathrooms

H & W: That’s a great question! There are a couple things to consider. If you use wallpaper primer and the right paste, wallpaper isn’t actually that difficult to remove. The paste and paper we use now is very different from what was available 20 or more years ago, so for those of you who were scarred by removing 1970’s wallpaper, know that removing wallpaper now is a completely different experience. You don’t need to think of it as a lifelong commitment; more like 5-10 years. Or if you’re us, 1-2 years! That said, we try to create timeless designs that aren’t so trend-based that they will feel dated. We recommend choosing patterns that create joy for you or have some kind of personal meaning, and not ones featuring the trendiest color or trendiest motif. Not convinced? Choose removable wallpaper tiles instead!

Liz: When choosing which bathrooms in your home to wallpaper, what are the deciding factors? (half bath, full, guest bath, etc.)

H & W: Powder rooms are the most foolproof place to install water because the exposure to water and steam is limited when there isn’t a shower or bath. We have a lot of customers install wallpaper in full baths and we’ve both done so in our homes - that said, you do have to be mindful about installing the wallpaper properly in those spaces. Guest baths are a great place for a really bold pattern since they are used occasionally, and they create a special space for your guests reminiscent of a boutique hotel.

Liz: How do you balance out the color/elements/decor pieces for the perfect bathroom?

H & W: Find a unifying element that you can pull through the entire design scheme. This can be a color or a decor style (eg mid-century modern or bohemian). Everything doesn’t have to match - in fact, we think it’s better if it doesn’t - but there does need to be something that ties everything together into a cohesive design. Usually we advise people to take the thing that they’re most excited about and then use that as the starting point to build their design around.

Wowzers, I suddenly feel the urge to go wallpaper EVERYTHING. Follow along for more inspo from Hygge & West inspo on their Instagram, and head to my recent post to have a look at their wallpaper I chose for our lounge room (you’re going to love it!)