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Weekender Home Tour: The Bea's Nest

Isle of Palms Bea's Nest: Charleston Weekender Home Tour

Welcome to my new series of Charleston home tours! It’s happening monthly, or perhaps even more frequently if you guys like it (if you do, please save it on your Pinterest or share to Facebook for me). I realized I get so much inspiration from peeking inside beautiful homes of all styles, especially here in Charleston. I just happen to know some really cool gals who have taken such care to making their houses truly wonderful and inspiring places, so I thought it would be fun to share some! Shameless plug alert: you can peek inside my home in the Summer 2019 issue of Charleston Home and Design Magazine (eek!), or check out my home tour on Apartment Therapy.

Ok, without further ado, I thought it would fe fun to get this series started by giving away a 3 night stay in this fabulous beach house (just enter here before Friday June 28th)! This particular home is the Isle of Palms vacation home and rental that belongs to my friend Mary Jo Anderson from Port2Palm. The Anderson family named their island abode The Bea’s Nest because the original home owner is Beatrice Ravenel. Bea is a famous poetress, and her poetry still adorns the bookshelves of the recently renovated 1800’s home. Read on to hear more about this gorgeous space from Mary Jo.

What’s your favorite feature of the house?

I love the indoor/outdoor living space. Our lounge area has 3 garage doors that open up to the pool, so you can go from sitting and reading in the cozy space to jumping in the pool within a few feet! The indoor space is where we watch movies and gather, but most of our visits include plenty of pool and beach time.

Another special thing about the Beas Nest is the energy here. It’s hard to explain, but as soon as my husband Bryce and I walked in for the first time, we knew we could see ourselves spending time with our future grandchildren here. We are both in our 30’s, but we have a huge appreciation for charm and history, so we love that this house is a great blend of old and new. The doors and floors are all original to the home and that’s so special. It’s a gathering place and an environment that easily lends itself to creating wonderful memories with the ones you love. It’s hard to explain but the house just gives off a special feeling- it has it’s own personality and heartbeat.

Tell us about the gorgeous design… did you have help from an interior designer?

When we bought the home in 2016, it had recently been redesigned and was move in ready. There was a lot of white and we loved the feeling of open space that created, but we did need to add our own touches on the house to make it feel like ours. Last year I enlisted the help of a talented Interior Designer, my friend Katie Goodrich (founder of Ivory & Bone Interiors) to finish the space. She added amazing details like our bee door knocker, cozy but stylish seating, and lots of other elements our family loves. She also decorated our current home in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

lowcountry home design; all white interior with plants
Chic white Isle of Palms home

What are some must-haves that make your space functional for your adorable family of 5?

Having an outdoor shower is a Godsend! We spend most of our time together at the beach, so this is huge for keeping sand outside where it belongs. We love getting to enjoy our vacation home without being worried about clean up, and this definitely helps with that! The pool is of course such a great spot the whole family can enjoy together, but I actually have my own favorite part of the house. It’s hard to get much quiet time when you have 3 kids, so the swing on the front porch is my special haven when I need a break. Most of the action and common areas are at the back of the house, and the only thing I can hear from the porch are birds chirping and the occasional golf cart passing.

Charleston giveaway at Isle of Palms vacation rental

Thank you so much to Mary Jo for giving us a look inside this amazing Isle of Palms home! You’ll love watching her Instagram stories; her family adventures will suck you right in. Also thanks to Mary Jo for giving everyone a chance to win a 3 night stay in this pretty place. Don’t forget to enter our giveaway before June 28th; one lucky person will even get a flight voucher! If you don’t want to take your chances, just book your own Bea’s Nest stay here (warning, it fills up fast)!.



Charleston Weekender Home Tour


Decorating our house became my main project last summer when I was a little lost with the direction of my business. A creative project can really keep me going, and decorating is always so much fun for me. I find it helps me get started to have some kind of theme when I’m decorating; be it a color story or some other concept. Well, for our downtown Charleston home I thought about how happy boutique hotels make me when I travel. I get a little blue when I get back from a trip, so I thought maybe I should take a note out of my own playbook and try to make every day feel more like a weekend getaway! Therefore I incorporated some of my favorite destinations and hotels throughout the house. Our living room is modeled after the Summercamp Hotel in Martha’s Vineyard and is filled with lots of camp-y outdoors-y vibes, and the rest of the house is a mish mash of my favorite Florida and California cities. Have a look at some of the rooms below, and see the full home tour on Apartment Therapy, photographed by Margaret Wright.

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Colorful Bar cart styling

New England Living Room

Colorful living room with grey couch

Florida Guest Room

Palm Springs Master Bedroom (with a little Winter Park mixed in)

navy and green master bedroom with blue patterned headboard

Other Snippets of Our Home



Houzz Round-Up

Thanks to an awesome local photographer, Margaret Wright, I have started doing some home styling projects with Houzz!  I wanted to share what we have worked on together the last few months:

My Home Tour

Sunwoven's Entryway Styling

Getting Campy With Your Bar Cart

Cozy Cabin-Inspired Tabletop

Simple Steps to Get Your Home Ready for Guests

Next I'm going to be working on a Houzz project or two in Palm Springs with Marni from Struktr Studios!  If you love home decor, make sure you're following along on Instagram so you don't miss some sneak peeks! 



A WEEKEND AT HOME: 3 Decorating Musts


The Southern Living Idea House on Bald Head Island is full of amazing inspiration, thanks to the impeccable design work of Lindsey Coral Harper Interiors.  I love that she incorporated a lot of Turkish towels, which you can purchase through my site.  I will link other finds that mimic this decor through my affiliate links.  A few things just made this house magical, so read on to find out what your decor might be missing.

-A Designated Space for Your Faves-

If you want every day to feel more like the weekend, step 1 is surrounding yourself with happy things.  What brings you joy? Is it coffee/playing chess/your precious pup?  Have what you love out in the open, not hidden away in a cupboard.  If you have your games all stacked away in a closet you won't be as likely to play them as you would if you can see them, and if you love coffee then why not devote an area of your kitchen just to that?  Stick with open shelving to display your favorite things, or create a special area to have your little happies accessible at all times. 

-An Outdoor "Room"-

Whether you have a front porch, back porch, or just the balcony of an apartment, it's time to spruce up this spot.  Don't forget to decorate your outdoor space, because you'll wind up with a mini-escape when you need it!   Put the effort into the details that you would into other rooms- coordinating pillows, adding plants, and even giving those spots a rug (in outdoor fabric of course).


Gone are the days when paint = the main ingredient for an accent wall.  I don't think a single room in this house didn't have wallpaper!  I love it even in small doses, but as we all know it can be pretty brutal to install yourself.  I have found some peel and stick options I like if you're planning on a DIY.


-Shop the Post-

I hope you enjoyed this little home tour with me!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram for plenty of travel & decor inspo!



Weekender Home Tour: CSOL Designer Showhouse

Did you know that Charleston has our very own designer showhouse?!  It's open through April 15, and is where the best of the best of southern designers feature their interior design work in a real home.  There is also a boutique & cafe in the home, so you can make a day of it!  I'm very thrilled to have some of my Turkish towels on display in the Delicious Kitchens bathroom, as well as for sale in the boutique.  You can purchase tickets to tour the home for $25 at the door, and find more information about some of the designers on my last Lowcountry Live segment.  Enjoy this album of some of my favorite rooms from interior experts like Mitchell Hill, The English Room, & more.

CSOL website: