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It's All in the Presentation: Packaging Matters!

holalou product packaging from No Issue

Fellow entrepreneurs and side hustlers, this post is for you! It’s been awhile since I added any content to the business strategy tips page of my blog, so here we are! A company called “No Issue” reached out to see if we could collaborate on some custom packaging for my brand or for our shop, and I figured this was a great opportunity to get back into sharing some tips that may help all of you business boss babes out there! Keep scrolling for some examples of product packaging like custom stickers and tissue paper, and iI’ll share some of the top reasons that I find this to be a crucial part of growing your business!

-This post is in partnership with No Issue, but all opinions are my own-

loes van oosten product fun packaging example

-Get Legit-

It adds a bit of sophistication & legitimacy to your brand when you pay attention to details such as packaging. Even if you ARE just a mom and pop shop or are making your candles from your basement, put your best foot forward to the world!

-Make a lasting impression-

I can still tell you the names of most of the companies who have taken special care and extra attention to detail when it comes to packaging the products I’ve ordered online. I love the saying “wrapping it nice shows you care twice”, and that applies not only to gift giving but also to creating an ongoing relationship with your customers. There is something super special about opening a package that you’re already excited about, only to encounter fun details like having the item wrapped in custom tissue paper & tied in a string or closed with a special sticker. Bonus points if you can include a hand written note! Even if your business isn’t product based, custom stickers are also a great thing to have on hand. They are a fun way to seal envelopes when you’re sending snail mail to business contacts!

taryn draws product packaging from No Issue

-Grow Your Brand-

Stickers are all the rage these days; I see them everywhere from laptops to notebooks (yes, even for grown-ups!). A custom sticker can be an inexpensive item to send along with an order that just may wind up serving as additional marketing for you. If someone really loves your brand, they might just stick it somewhere visible, whereas a business card or other printed materials often go straight into the trash. Even if your business isn’t product based, custom stickers are a good item to have on hand. They are such a cute way to close envelopes when you’re sending snail mail to business contacts, or to hand out when you’re attending a conference or trunk show!

How cute is the custom tissue paper and stickers that No Issue created for our shop, Cannonborough Collective!?

A few other details to note about No Issue:

In addition to tissue and stickers, No Issue offers compostable mailers & is going to be adding custom tape soon! The ordering process was very simple, and luckily when you upload your logo you get to see a digital mock up before you order. I liked being able to envision what we were getting and choosing from multiple different layouts for our tissue paper.

Wouldn’t it just bring a big smile to your face if you got a product wrapped in one of these fun tissue paper styles? Thank you very much to the following companies for letting me share your gorgeous packaging examples in this post!

@deliciousmonstertea and @sophiepotterco // @amberstextiles

@loesvanoosten // @holalou // @taryndraws