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Weekending at Home: 5 Ideas for a Date Night In


I was quite inspired by my recent Palm Springs stay at the Wexler Fishbowl in Sunmor Estates to bring you some fun ideas for a “date night in”. When we go to Palm Springs and stay at an ACME vacation rental like this, we typically want to stay home as much as possible! Heck, we stay at home as much as possible back home in Charleston, too, but in mid century Palm Springs homes the surroundings are especially dreamy for an at home date night. Some of you gave me your fabulous date night in ideas on this Instagram post, so thank you for the brilliant inspiration! Read on if your date nights have become a little mundane, and know we’re right there with you with far too many Netflix & takeout-filled evenings.

Note: this post is partially in partnership with ACME House Company, but all opinions are my own. The post also contains some affiliate links that earn me a small commission and help keep this blog up and running.

1. Say “Cheese”!

Personally, I find it fun to take photos or videos for no good reason at all! Capturing memories is always a good idea, especially at home since that’s where you likely spend most of your time together. Take turns taking pictures of each other in your element (i.e. I could snap Jonny in the kitchen and he might capture me reading a book in my swing chair). Or perhaps you could interview each other and record that on video (i.e. share 5 things you like about the other person or asking each other about your dreams for the future). We made a private Instagram account that we hope to share with our kids one day, so that’s a great place for these pictures and videos to live!


2. Get Creative in the Kitchen

Likely one of you does most of the cooking, and thank the Lord that’s my husband in our relationship! The kitchen isn’t a place I enjoy very much if I’m being honest, but there are plenty of ways you can both have fun in the kitchen: find a new recipe to bake and take turn adding ingredients, be your own mixologist with whatever ingredients you have on hand for craft cocktails, or break out one of those wedding registry items you never use (I’m looking at YOU, pasta maker & Kitchen Aid!).

3. Start Your Own Book Club or Game Night for Two

Head to your local bookstore and pick a book together- it could be an old classic, something set in your city, or a book on relationships (I highly recommend the 5 Love Languages!). I loved this idea from the owner of ACME’s Midcentury Deluxe: Take turns reading out loud to each other for 30 minutes each, then individually progress to your agreed upon point by the next read-aloud meeting. You can take a few minutes to discuss something new you learned, or wait until you’re finished the whole thing and chat about the book’s discussion questions.

If friendly competition sounds more exciting, hit the Target aisles or Amazon and find a new game to play, and I bet you have friends or neighbors to swap with. It could be a trivia game, board game, or card game (but I find most card games to be boring with just two people). Heck- you can turn your game into a strip version if you want (I won’t tell you who recommended that one!). Get it on the calendar, and don’t cancel!


4. Make a Playlist Together

It seems that mix tapes are a thing of the past, so the updated version of that is creating an online playlist! We use Spotify, so it could be fun to take turns adding songs to the list and then listening to it together. Just sitting in each other’s company with background music & no TV on can be so refreshing, and you might even wind up having a living room dance party!


5. Change Your Scenery

When we’re at home together, we often tend to turn to couch potatoes! While staying at the “Fishbowl”, we were still able to relax while avoiding the couch. Take your cocktails outdoors if you have a fire pit or porch, eat at the dinner table or create a living room picnic, or go for an evening stroll. Mixing up your surroundings can definitely spice things up in your relationship!


Each Palm Springs trip we’ve been on has given us time to reconnect and made us a lot closer, largely due to the fact we aren’t spending as much time in front of our screens. I hope you’ll treat yourself to a little Palm Springs getaway with your love, too! Use code WeekenderLove to get $100-200 off your stay at any ACME property when you book it in 2018 (valid for any 2018/2019 stay). Click HERE to browse/book (and to see which home I’m dreaming of staying at during my next visit)!


All images are c/o Nathan Cox Studios for ACME House Company



A Weekend in Palm Springs: ACME's Atomic Hummingbird

This post is in partnership with ACME House Co. but all opinions are my own.

This post is in partnership with ACME House Co. but all opinions are my own.

You might remember earlier this year when I was raving about all of the fun homes that I discovered during Modernism Week in Palm Springs, like the West Elm House.  It's completely furnished with West Elm, and YES- you can stay there!  Read more about that in my home tour HERE.  That is one of ACME House Co.'s many awesome rentals, and they are ALL gorgeous!

No matter where you're heading, a vacation rental over a hotel is the way to go!  We definitely saved a lot of money on eating at home instead of being forced to eat out 3 meals a day.  Plus, we had the whole house to ourselves so we felt like we could sprawl out and relax.  I would definitely recommend checking out ACME's other awesome rentals, but Atomic Hummingbird is a major win: adorable neighborhood, super happy decor, and a great pool!  Check out a little peek below!

Isn't it a dream!?  We pretty much camped out at the pool about the whole week, but I did get some shots from around the neighborhood.  

Hope you enjoyed these photos, and feel free to comment below if you have any Palm Springs questions for me!  


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5 Picture Perfect Palm Springs Hotels

My criteria for an ideal hotel is a place with delightful decor, a great pool, and good food.  Here are some Palm Springs favorites that fit the bill on all accounts.  

1. The Saguaro: for the fun-loving party queen

You'll find color around every corner, affordable prices, and a great restaurant off the lobby that's perfect for fans of tequila and cactus.  I would venture to guess you might want to ask for a room that isn't facing the pool if you prefer peace and quiet.

2. The Parker: for when you want to treat yoself

Jonathan Adler designs exploded in here, in the best possible way. It's basically an adult playground, as seen in the famous photos by Gray Malin.  Read more about it in this post. The restaurants on property are pricey but delicious.

Image via  Gray Malin

Image via Gray Malin

3. The Avalon: for a chic retreat-seeker

While it's only a stone's throw from downtown Palm Springs, you might feel more like you're in a European villa.  The restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy aglass of wine with your honey.

4. Arrive: for the hip game lover

The collective of coffee shop, ice cream/gift shop, restaurant, and hotel on site are all amazing in their own way. I can always find the perfect gives in the ice cream shop, and The Reservoir restaurant is the perfect place to get in a game of bocce after a nice poolside lunch.

5. The Riviera: for the glam gal on a budget

The only downside I can find is that this is a couple of miles away from the heart of the action, but I was never more than a $10-15 Uber ride from other parts of town.  There's a free "Buzz" bus that comes by the hotel, too!  Otherwise it's great bang for the buck if you like a place with chic decor & friendly staff. 

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