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A Weekend in Charleston: Brunch Like a Local

image c/o  Abby Murphy Photo

It has been a really long time since I had a Charleston meal that didn't make me smile.  When it comes to brunch, there are endless options but plenty that definitely won't disappoint!  I narrowed down my top five in a few different categories, and would love to hear your feedback with your thoughts after you check some of these places out!  

-Saturday Brunch-

1.  Henrietta's

2.  Glass Onion

3.  Park Cafe

4.  Kitchen 208

5.  Maybank Public House

-Brunch + Fun Vibes- 

1.  Warehouse (often has a DJ on Sundays)

2.  Cannon Green ("Beats & Brunch")

3.  Scram (Breakfast Food Truck)

4.  Triangle Char & Bar (Open Air)

5.  Hom (Ping Pong)

-Family-Friendly Brunch-

1.  Charleston's Cafe

2.  Page's Okra Grill

3.  Five Loaves

4.  Marina Variety Store

5.  SOL

-Charleston's Brunch Bests-

1.  Loaded Bloody Mary- The Darling

2.  Natural Blonde Bloody Mary- Obstinate Daughter

3.  Infused Bloody Mary- Fat Hen

4.  Shrimp & Grits- Moe's Crosstown Tavern

5.  Chicken & Waffles- The Rarebit

-Your Picks From My Instagram Post-

1.  MacIntosh

2.  Butcher & Bee

3.  Stella's 

4.  Holy City Waffles Food Truck

5.  Harold's Cabin

Linking to all of these restaurant websites would have taken me all day, but I trust you can take to the Interwebs to find all of these great spots!  Comment below if you're stuck and just can't find a location.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram or check out my Charleston Guide for more Charleston recs!

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