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Weekender Wardrobe: Dressing for Conference Success

all images by  Kathryn McCrary

all images by Kathryn McCrary

When you go to a work event or conference, I'm sure you are already putting some thought into what you wear or pack.  There are actually some ways I have found to use my wardrobe to maximize my experiences when I'm in settings amongst fabulous creatives (where I may otherwise just blend in). This February I attended The Southern C Summit with some great gals (like Erin of Pinckney Palm, hanging with me below).  J. McLaughlin graciously styled us with some of their latest looks for our Sea Island conference, and I hope you glean something from these tips that I will take with me on future conferences.

1.  Shamelessly Self-Promote

It was by happy accident that I discovered this no-brainer idea.  On our last morning I was heading to two different events, and having another pair of shoes, etc. with me was a more efficient option than making an extra trip back to my room.  I always have my weekender bag from my online shop with me, so I packed up my essentials to transport my things to brunch and guess what?  I got two orders on the spot, and also got some cute pix with some really adorable bloggers holding my bag.  If you don't happen to have apparel, I bet you can still think of a savvy way to show off your work.  I ran into one conference attendee that was wearing a gorgeous maxi, which was actually a print she did the graphic design of. She wasn't even in textiles, but what a great idea to be a walking advertisement for your work. If you're an artist, hand paint a cheap clutch from Target or pair of flats.  Or, if you are a service based business, why not wear a t-shirt with your logo? Just pair it with a blazer or statement skirt and you will start some conversations.

2.  Be Bold

When you're surrounded by stylish creatives, it's natural to start a conversation based on fashion.  This is obviously only going to happen if you are wearing something fun and awesome!  Learn how to accept a compliment, and also how to take it as an opportunity to bring up what you do.  "Thanks, I love promoting southern brands like this on my blog" or "this color is my best seller of Turkish towels" or even just "let's make a Pinterest board together since we have similar taste!"... you get the idea!  Seriously though, I bet half of the conversations I've had at conferences wouldn't have happened if I had just been wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I always try to bring some statement pieces with me that reflect my brand aesthetic or are just plain fun.  In my opinion you can never go wrong with tassels, pom poms, bold sunglasses, or statement jewelry.

*these are affiliate links that earn me a small commission

(on me) poncho, $148 // (on erin) scarf, $88 // dress, $235

3. Bring Your Play Clothes!

The next time I go to a conference I will be sure to stay an extra night to make time to really settle in and have more time to play; can you think of a better way to connect with other entrepreneurs than riding bikes or taking a stroll around town?  Even if all you have time for is a dinner out together, try to gather a group besides just your roommates to hang out during the down time.  Erin and I had dinner with our roommate Emily of Suite 33, and joined some gals from Leapfrog PR & Schermer Pecans.  We also found the ladies from Hermosa Jewelry, Humanite Boutique, & Zags sun wraps on the dance floor one night.  We certainly won't forget each other any time soon!

(on both of us) rhonda leggings, $128 // (on me) striped billie jacket:, $158

I highly recommend pulling the trigger on the next The Southern C Summit or any conference you have been reticent to invest in.  The Summit has almost already paid for itself in new customers, media contacts, blog clients, and other potential leads- not to mention it was priceless for me to get to meet my long-time Instagram idol Gray Malin!



Weekender Style: Pajamas All Day


Our first major cold front of 2017 has definitely arrived! I think this is a great reason to snuggle up with coffee, a good book, a lap dog, and just stay in your PJs. All. Day. Long.  Here are some photos from a Pajama brunch I went to last week (can't this be a more regularly occurring brunch theme!?), along with some of my favorite PJ picks.   All of them are on sale and under $40, even my jacket!  It's sooo soft and actually more like a sweater so it is perfect for lounging around, and is definitely heavy enough for a winter coat for most Charleston days.  You'll also love the Target PJ set I included.  The legs aren't as wide as most and the top comes in short sleeves so they aren't too hot.  Happy snuggling, y'all!


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Victorias Secret Gingham PJ Set, $29.99 (includes eye mask) // Varsity Sweater Jacket, $39.99 // Target Gilligan & O'Malley Set, $24.99


Stylish Sleep Masks

I use one of these every night to block out the light from my husband's iPad, and they are extra great to block out light for sleeping in on weekends.  I'll be rolling out some of these for my online shop soon, so stay tuned!  The ones here range from $6-52, and I think a personalized one would make a great gift for anyone.



Weekend Look: GaGa for Gingham

I love the return of vest season! It's my favorite way to dress for our fickle fall weather.  Pair one with a gingham shirt and an Aviate hat from my online shop (light pink now available!), and you are all set for an oyster roast or a day of shopping downtown. 

I've shared the following items through affiliate links (where I will get a small commission from your purchase).  Thank you for helping support my blog so I can keep The Charleston Weekender up and running!



Weekend Uniform: 1 shirt, 2 ways

I used to be a shopaholic, even when I was in grad school and my extra loan money was supposed to be for books, food, & rent.  I opted for lots of ramen and tried to rent the library copies of text books when I could, so that I could put any extra money to use chasing after a great bargain for a new weekend outfit.  I still love getting creative with styling a weekend look, but now choose to shop less often and purchase nicer quality pieces that I know I will have for a long time.  My new favorite wardrobe staple is this Southern Proper Popover shirt, it's for the birds (in a great way)!  Here are a couple of my favorite ways to style it that will probably work for your collard shirts that need some new life.  

Look 1, Day Time Stroll: colored jeans + a boater hat + animal print flats

Look 2, Happy Hour with Charleston Shop Curator:  shift dress + nude wedges + weekender bag 

 I hope you like these looks, and I've linked some similar options below that are all $75 or less!  Some of these links may be affiliate links (I will receive minor compensation if you make a purchase through them). 

Photography (denim look): Jennifer Collins Photography  Photography: (shift dress look): Libby Williams Photos | Bird Popover Shirt: Southern Proper | Weekender Bag: Charleston Weekender, $15 off with code CW15CW through 10/23 | Happy Hour Location: Harold's Cabin | Daytime Stroll Location: King Street/ The Southern Gallery 



My Weekend Uniform: Tie it Up

Rachel Red Photography

Rachel Red Photography

I am certainly by no means a fashion blogger (have you seen me try to pull-off a cute pose or a stoic expression!? It's painful to watch).  I usually like to stick to weekend guides or travel recs.  I do, however, find a lot of similarities between styling someone's home, styling a photo shoot, and styling an outfit. For me it's a fun means of creative expression to put together a new look or re-purpose clothes I already have.  This is the first of a new "weekend uniform" guide that will hopefully bring you some inspiration whether you are headed on a trip, a date, or downtown with the gals. 

Button-up + skirt 

This is a super simple look that is easy to find from any store thanks to the popularity of the midi skirt right now.  Mine isn't quite as long, but all you need is a skirt that is fitted above your belly button with a little volume.  Then I take a collared shirt and button it halfway down.  Tie up the rest to leave a little peek of skin showing, but a la Taylor Swift I prefer to see no belly buttons!  Your button-down top doesn't have to be denim, and would look great with high waisted pants, shorts, or a pencil skirt. Apparently I'm going through a big picnic phase right now, and this look is perfect for that put-together look that won't be too uncomfortable to relax in.  I hope you enjoy these photos by Rachel Red from Middleton Place, the perfect spot for a picnic for two.

Happy Weekending Y'all! My go-to denim shirt spot is J. Crew outlet, and check out these other shirts in white that you can tuck in or tie up!  The ones below are from Southern Proper, Shirtini,  Macy's, and Revolve.  See more of Andrea and Kelly's great #weekenderstyle on their blogs, Charleston Shop CuratorPaper Meets Pearl

Unfortunately this blog isn't going to pay for itself, so this content includes some affiliate links. However, I only recommend products that I love and think you'll love, too.