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A Weekend at Parker Palm Springs

Gray Malin Photography 

Gray Malin Photography 

My husband Jonathan and I recently celebrated our 5th anniversary, and any type of trip is always better than a tangible present in my book.  We wanted to travel somewhere special, but the timing of Jonathan's job landed him in LA for a few days around the time I was hoping he might sweep me off to Greece. HINT HINT!  That wasn't in the cards, so I started hunting for a location near LA that still felt extra special.  Enter Palm Springs, a magical desert city that I now want to retire to.  While in the midst of a Bingo game at a gorgeously renovated Denny's we were rightfully warned, "be careful, Palm Springs will get in your blood."  Indeed it did, and largely in part to my new favorite hotel.  This wasn't a hard choice; I had dreamt of a Parker Palm Springs visit ever since seeing Gray Malin's series of photography at that location.  It was just a beautiful as I expected, and here are 5 reasons that you are going to love it:

1.  A Picture Lover's Dream

If you appreciate great interior design or love taking fun photos, prepare to be wowed around every corner.  Jonathan Adler designed the guest rooms and the rest of the decor. From a wall full of macrame owls straight out of the 70s to woven tapestry animals and knights guarding the bathrooms, you have got to see this place.  I guess we can't give JA all of the credit... I think he had some help with the landscaping and architecture.  Also, that wall lattice that guards the bright orange door? Yes please!


2. Relaxation is Not Optional

There are hammocks and lounge areas all over the property along with two fun and fabulous pools.  I haven't been this shut down on vacation ever, and we even spotted David Spade catching some R & R in a cabana. 

3.  Fun & Games

My only regret was not playing enough games while we were there.  I was just dying to learn Petanque, whatever that is!  They also had croquet and giant chess, which makes my heart happy.  Grab a beverage at the Lemonade Stand and have a leisurely game with your boo!

The moral of this blog post is that Palm Springs is always a good idea, and so is a splurge to this hotel.  We went in October, and I would sign up for their email list so you can catch their killer specials in Dec/Jan and also when it gets really hot in the summer.  


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