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Weekend Life: Summer Camp Movies

Moonrise Kingdom Print by  Lauren Gregg , $35

Moonrise Kingdom Print by Lauren Gregg, $35

When you need to just curl up on the couch and watch a great movie, there is nothing more frustrating than being stuck with no clue what to watch.  My husband and I often spend at least 30 minutes watching previews trying to pick a movie.  If that has happened to you, allow me to introduce one of my favorite genres: summer camp movies. Ok this isn't a real movie genre you will find in your Netflix app, but there are so many movies worth watching that have to do with this nostalgic summer theme.  Even if you're like me and never actually went to summer camp, I'm sure you'll still appreciate the celebration of childhood, enjoy the scenery offered by the great outdoors, and possibly even be inspired to seek out some adventure.   

1. Troop Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, what a thrill!  I grew up on this movie but at the time didn't realize how fabulous it really is.  Phyllis Nefler is the most fashion forward troop leader you'll ever meet, who suddenly has me wishing I had a khaki cape and a green neck scarf.  This movie is all about rooting for the underdog, and you'll probably see a little of yourself in at least one of the girl scouts.

all images via Google

all images via Google

2. Parent Trap (NOT the Lindsay Lohan one!)

I have been watching this movie since I was too young to realize Haley Mills was playing her own twin in this movie (despite her British accent sometimes creeping into her American character).  It doesn't even matter, it's still the best movie ever and I don't really know why.  Maybe that whole torturing your evil step-mother thing is just fun to watch unfold, or perhaps the story of sisterhood is what gets me.  Regardless, you're going to love it. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

3. Moonrise Kingdom

If you have never seen a Wes Anderson movie (and/or don't even know what that means), prepare to get hooked.  Even if the plot was terrible I would watch his movies for the cinematography, but throw in Bill Murray & Bruce Willis cameos and a really sweet love story and you have a recipe for the perfect weekend flick. 

4. Wet Hot American Summer

This is worth the watch purely for the stellar cast.  Not only is it chock full of SNL greats i.e. Amy Poehler & Molly Shannon, there is also plenty of eye candy from the likes of Bradley Cooper & Elizabeth Banks.  You will definitely be hooked enough to enjoy the Netflix season that takes place the same year as the movie, despite the characters having now aged 15 years.  It's pretty hilarious yet awesome how they pull it off.

5.  Heavyweights

I used to watch this before the Disney Channel was all about Miley and it still entertains me today.  It's co-written by Judd Apatow and features Ben Stiller as a weight loss camper's worst nightmare.

If you love Summer Camp vibes as much as I do, check out this summer camp decor I created for a client of mine.  I also just visited Summer Camp Hotel, an entire hotel with a summer camp theme, so I'm loving it even more. It was a step up from a cabin with bunk beds, but still created such fun playful atmosphere.  I'll be sharing more from that spot soon, or find me on Instagram to see some of my photos.