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A WEEKEND AT HOME: 3 Decorating Musts


The Southern Living Idea House on Bald Head Island is full of amazing inspiration, thanks to the impeccable design work of Lindsey Coral Harper Interiors.  I love that she incorporated a lot of Turkish towels, which you can purchase through my site.  I will link other finds that mimic this decor through my affiliate links.  A few things just made this house magical, so read on to find out what your decor might be missing.

-A Designated Space for Your Faves-

If you want every day to feel more like the weekend, step 1 is surrounding yourself with happy things.  What brings you joy? Is it coffee/playing chess/your precious pup?  Have what you love out in the open, not hidden away in a cupboard.  If you have your games all stacked away in a closet you won't be as likely to play them as you would if you can see them, and if you love coffee then why not devote an area of your kitchen just to that?  Stick with open shelving to display your favorite things, or create a special area to have your little happies accessible at all times. 

-An Outdoor "Room"-

Whether you have a front porch, back porch, or just the balcony of an apartment, it's time to spruce up this spot.  Don't forget to decorate your outdoor space, because you'll wind up with a mini-escape when you need it!   Put the effort into the details that you would into other rooms- coordinating pillows, adding plants, and even giving those spots a rug (in outdoor fabric of course).


Gone are the days when paint = the main ingredient for an accent wall.  I don't think a single room in this house didn't have wallpaper!  I love it even in small doses, but as we all know it can be pretty brutal to install yourself.  I have found some peel and stick options I like if you're planning on a DIY.


-Shop the Post-

I hope you enjoyed this little home tour with me!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram for plenty of travel & decor inspo!