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Weekender Game Night: Salad Bowl

I have your recipe for the perfect game night, weekenders!  Below you’ll find instructions for how to play “Salad Bowl” (also known as fish bowl in some circles): I’ve included a free printable so you can hand it out to your guests.  I’ve also shared some photos from a recent game night I hosted when I was in Palm Springs for Alt Summit.

The location for our game night was the fabulous 2019 Acme West Elm House, “the Seven Eighty”. I cannot even believe I got to play hostess in this fabulous abode for the evening!  My friends at Acme really know how to throw a party, so keep scrolling for some inspiration to help you host a game night of your own.

charleston weekender game night at acme house company in palm springs

Game night attire: caftans & turbans are not required, but highly encouraged!  Below we are wearing Monica Mahoney, who is pictured in animal print.


What to serve: it’s too messy and time consuming to try to fit in dinner AND games, so we opted for charcuterie & cupcakes. The meat and cheese platter from On the Mark (an amazing wine and cheese shop in Palm Springs) was a huge hit!

Charleston Weekender's Alt Summit Game Night

Make them mingle: Name tags are always a great idea when you’re bringing together friends who don’t know one another, and I incorporated a little ice breaker to help strike up some conversation while we waited for all of our guests to arrive.  In addition to their name, everyone had to write their favorite childhood game. It was fun to see everyone’s nostalgic picks!

Charleston Weekender Game Night ice breaker

Make everyone a winner: Scout Bags provided these delightful wine totes that I used as gift bags for all of our guests. We handed them out before the game and put the game instructions inside; they are under $10 but really make an impact when displayed together!  We had other prizes for the winning team, & it’s fun to show those off before you start you get everyone in competition mode. 

Charleston Weekender Alt Summit Game Night

Next, we divided everyone into teams and then I quickly went over the rules.  For this game, it’s helpful to have the host keeping track of the score and the time. It definitely made the game go faster and run a little more smoothly than other times I’ve played. Download your own copy of the rules below:

Charleston Weekender Game Night
Charleston Weekender Game Night Salad Bowl Instructions Download Alt Summit

Ok, now it’s time to play!

Winner winner chicken dinner! Bonus points if you make the winning team wear matching t-shirts...

Charleston Weekender Game Night

After game night concluded, it was time to head to the Eight Thirty’s gorgeous fire pit area to wind down!

charleston weekender game night at 2019 west elm house in palm springs

A very big thank you to JP, Kim, and Nathan from ACME House Company for making our game night a smashing success of a soirée!

Game night was WAY more fun than most “networking” events I’ve gone to, and it can also work well during a shower or bachelorette party. I hope you’ll follow along on Instagram (@CharlestonWeekender) for more fun as I attempt to make every day feel like the weekend!