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Saturday Style: Liven Up your Living Room!

I recently teamed up with Pink Verbena for a fun video shoot with some tips to liven up any living room, and Abby Murphy helped us capture photos of the details.  Here are some easy updates you can adopt, along with a few recommendations of where to find great accents for your own space.  Some of the links are affiliate links (which I will earn a small commission from if someone besides my mom clicks on them).

Pops of Gold

I can't ever get enough gold in my house! Apparently I also gravitate toward lots of cutesy faux food accents but that's an issue for another day.  There is a candle hiding under this gold-topped pineapple and the gold lemon is actually a bottle opener.  It's "vintage" Anthropologie, but Kate Spade also has fun gold bottle openers.  Anchor your accents on a tray, like this gold lacquer one I found.


I love the idea of mixed prints; having several prints that match but don't really match are one of my favorite ways to decorate.  I think it's harder to get bored with a variety of patterns than if you just stick with one or two. Here I have used a several of green pillows in a variety of price ranges.  Leaves are kind of trendy yet also timeless; I think if you watch some Golden Girls reruns you will agree with me!  My favorite is the Beverly Palm print from Society Social, but don't underestimate the H&M home line where I found some great options, too!


While we are on the subject of palms and leafy green prints, don't forget to get the real thing! Fiddle leaf fig trees are all the rage and look quite cozy next to my bar cart (which is on sale!).  I added a palm plant (a $20 grocery store find) and put them both in baskets for a great look.  Add some fresh flowers to a round bowl for a finishing touch, like these hydrangeas from my garden that are barely making it through the Charleston summer.  Lately even my taste in candles incorporates my love for plants, like the awesome botanical candles from The Contents Co. They are handmade here in Charleston, and their lavender candle is now available in my online shop!


Coffee Table: West Elm | Sectional: Celadon Home 

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