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Decorate Your Life: Darling Desktop Style

via Effie's Paper

via Effie's Paper

Whether you are a chic girl boss, hard working teacher, or just working for the weekend, your desk could probably use a little love.  Isn't work where we spend most of our time?  It's therefore the perfect place to concentrate our efforts when it comes to inspiring decor, so I'm sharing some of my favorite fun desktop essentials.  Any of the items you see that are from are an extra 15% off with code FIRST15!

Some of the following links are affiliate links that will provide me with a small commission. Thank you for shopping with me to keep this blog up and running!

1. Funky Tape

I always wind up needing tape, and these cute dispensers can serve as a book end or paper weight when not in use.

2. Trays

These are perfect pops of color that help contain all of your random desk clutter.  Or maybe you fab girl bosses have employees that can serve you cocktails from one of them? I can't relate.

3. Pencils & Notebooks

I've recently shifted to pencils for my planner because I HATE how it looks after I cross something out in a tiny little calendar square.  Notebooks are lots of fun to help you keep track of lists & goals without having a jillion post-its everywhere.

Cheers to all of the hard working ladies out there!