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Cheers, Y'all!

Cheers to the end of a great year!  Also not to be overlooked is National Champagne Day!  I couldn't pass up one more chance to remind you that bubbles taste better when they are for a good cause, which is why I love One Hope Wine so much.  Their bubbly sale ends today (12/31), but you can order it all year long for under $20 with $5 shipping. Don't forget that those glitter bottles don't always stay in stock, so grab them when you can find them!  I'm sharing some of my other favorite champagne goodies & glassware to help you ring in the new year with a little pop, fizz, clink. Cheers, Y'all!

Coupe, there it is!

Your champs only tastes as good as the glass it comes from looks. IMO.

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Cheers Champagne Flutes, $46.40 set of 4 // Kate Spade stemless flutes, $50 pair // Kate Spade Mr. & Mrs. coupes, $100 pair

Champs is always in style

Champagne Trinket Tray, $34 // Champagne For Breakfast Trinket Tray, $36 // Candy Shop Vintage Champagne Necklace ($89 ), Coupe Earrings ($68 ), Set ($125- $32 savings!)

Bubbles that give back

50% of profits from the sale of One Hope give back to Why Hunger, which feeds hungry children. One glitter bottle alone provides 15 meals!

One Hope Sparkling Brut, $18.99 (extra 15% off thru 12/31) // Glitter Bottle, $59