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A weekend in Nashville, y'all!

I had the best time in Music City, y'all! I met up with a great old friend from DC and we had such a blast! Of course we had to hit up some delicious food and the obligatory honky tonk.  If you're ever looking for a fun southern getaway, this is your spot.  I'm definitely hoping some friends will decide to have a bachelorette there so I have a reason to go back ASAP!  I'm breaking down our trip by the day/area, with some of our favorite spots recommended by our Lyft drivers and local waitresses!  

Disclosure: I will earn commission if you make a purchase from the Draper James links below.

Disclosure: I will earn commission if you make a purchase from the Draper James links below.

Day 1: 12 South / Dinner in The Gulch

This area is one of my favorites because of all the wall murals. And OK, really #becauseDraperJames.  Reese Witherspoon's precious company wowed me with a warm southern welcome, complete with sweet tea while you shop!  The cute store definitely adds to the ambiance of this area with a killer blue and white wall outside, right across from an "I believe in Nashville" mural. Instagram gold.  I left with souvenirs of brunch mugs, southern plates, and Carolina blue pencils with cute southernisms. 

We had a stellar meal next door at bartaco, where you can circle your choices and then flag the waitress, who was still super attentive despite the DIY ordering system.  If you want tasty tacos and craft cocktails, this place is a winner.  Next it was across the street to Amelia's flower truck, where you DIY your arrangement.  I'm newly obsessed with BYOF to my hotel room, and love brining home plants to help with my post vacay blues. It actually worked pretty well!  We got our $15 bouquet (not terrible) and headed to Imogene & Willie's.  The jeans were a little too pricey, but the decor was just fabulous.

The day ended with an OUTSTANDING meal (under $15) at Peg Leg Porker at the outskirts of The Gulch, and then we hit up some Honky Tonks on Broadway!  My favorite was Robert's Western World, but anything on that block is good for some great tunes!  

Day 2: Nashville Hipster Smorgasboard 

The next day, we hit up a few different parts of downtown, but none were more than a $5-10 Lyft ride. I usually opt for Uber, but Lyft takes $50 off your first 10 rides (divvied up by $5 a ride) when a friend refers you.  I think this code will give you the same discount!  So far I like it about the same as Uber, except the GPS seems to be inaccurate by about a block at times.  Hopefully they will fix it in an update. Oh yeah back to Nashville! Today we were hipster-vibing pretty hard!  We visited the printing press where old concert posters were printed for all kinds of shows, i.e. Johnny Cash of course.  Later we went to a super cute speakeasy, The Patterson House.  No cute photos to show because they had pretty strict hipster rules about using your flash.

The place I was most ambiance-crushing on was definitely Pinewood Social.  It's a chic coffee bar, restaurant, bowling alley, and indoor/outdoor lounge all in one.  It's also where I had the best lobster roll of my life (sorry Maine)!  Everything from the graphic design to the decor was just a gram-er's paradise.  Exhibit A: the snake wall in the bowling alley is made of a bunch of cool cans that get rearranged into different patters!  Top image via 

On our last day, we tried out Biscuit Love before hitting the dusty trail.  It was about a 40 minute line, a la the Magnolia Bakery situation in NYC.  Worth it? Bon Appetit Magazine dubs the East Nasty the best sandwich in America, and while it IS great,  I know plenty of Holy City sammies that I would put up against it.  All in all I think the superb Bonuts (you guessed it, biscuit + donut) made it worth the wait! 

Well I hope you guys try out some of these spots & please tag me on Instagram so I can see if you do! @charlestonweekender. Cheers, y'all! 

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