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A Weekend in Martha's Vineyard; Summer Camp Style

This post is in partnership with Lark Hotels, but all opinions are my own.

I'm always inspired by the decor of Lark Hotels, but an entire hotel that's devoted to summer camp?  I knew I had to add that one to my bucket list the minute I saw it!  Summer camp is all about structure mixed with the perfect dose of playtime, relaxation, & living it up in the great outdoors, and Summercamp Hotel transports you there without having to deal with the bugs & bunk beds.  Tying in summer camp elements to decor is a perfect way to evoke the nostalgia of childhood & re-instill a sense of purposeful fun.  Pulling off any type of decor theme is no easy feat, and this one could have easily gone really off track and had the space looking like a kid's birthday party.  Here are some ways Lark's Summer Camp Hotel executed it like a champ.

Signs Everywhere

What better way to catch the eye and also designate your space than with awesome lettering? I'm a sucker for signage, and a wall full of words or eye-catching 3d letters add a little dose of fun to the scene.

Games Galore

Whether as part of the decor or to provide actual entertainment, there are games everywhere you look.  Vintage racquets adorn the walls, and a life size Connect Four game is begging to be played in a beautiful sitting room.  Turf has been spray painted to make it always time for Twister, & the ping pong table is ready for action.

Bring the Outdoors In

Highlighting the best and worst of nature can actually make for some amazing interior design.  Bugs are something we put up with in order to get outside, but here they are celebrated through delightful art.  Having plenty of plants and wooden accents are of course a must, but my favorite outdoor detail was probably the bark wallpaper.

Pop Your Color

Summer camp is no place for all white decor!  Guests feel welcome with this inviting furniture that isn't afraid to be a little more about quirk than high class.

Prioritizing the Porch

You should always treat the porch like another room in your house.  Get a sense of those nights around the campfire but take it up a notch with plenty of pillows, blankets, & comfy seating.  The coziness factor of Summercamp's front porch truly pays homage to cool summer nights around the campfire and makes for happy campers indeed.

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