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A Weekend in Charleston: The Cabin & The Carts!

.... golf carts and ice cream carts, that is.  I'd say both are pretty magical parts of Charleston living in the summertime!  Some lovely ladies I know- Kelly of Paper Meets Pearl & Escapada's designer, Lauren Miller- hopped on a golf cart with me to check out a gorgeous part of Charleston I bet you may not have been to unless you live above the Crosstown.  Just south of Hampton Park is one of my favorite little spots to walk my dog or sit on a park bench, Allan Park.  We took in the scenery there and also chowed down on some awesome ice cream from Scoops Wheely Good Ice Cream.  Also in that area (known as Hampton Park Terrace) is one of my new favorite spots, Harold's Cabin.  Their bar manager, Drew, is a neighborhood pal who took us for a golf cart spin and let us in Harold's for some java and a peek at their cozy upstairs.  Lauren's talented fiance, Clifford Pate, was there to snap some pix of the whole thing. Check him out on Instagram because his photos are great, and also because you never know when he might do something wild like propose on the runway of Charleston fashion week!

The Wheely Good Ice Cream cart sucked me right in with their cute striped umbrella, and I'll definitely visit them again for their tasty ice cream sandwiches and scoops.  You can also rent the Scoops cart out for events. How fun would that be for a kid's (or big kid's) birthday or rehearsal dinner!?

At "the Cabin", I can't get enough of the Cabin Cold Brew coffee or the Salty Raccoon tequila cocktail!  I haven't made my way through much of the menu yet, but what I have had is just delish.  Plus, it's worth a visit for the ambiance and decor alone.  

Well that was fun!  Follow me on Instagram to see more details on our fun Escapada clothing, accessories from Be The Change Boutique, and general golf cart shenanigans.  Also be sure to visit Harold's Cabin, open Weds-Sunday.  Tell them Liz Martin sent you for a Or maybe a hug. You never know.  You can also try some Scoops Ice Cream on July 17 at the grand opening for Ghost Monkey Brewery on Long Point Road in Mount Pleasant.  It just happens to be NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY! Cheers to that!