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Weekender @ Work: top 5 conferences

Best conferences in  2019/2020

To be honest, I wouldn’t be sad about it if I could just attend conferences for my part time job! When I was working as a speech pathologist, I had to attend conferences to earn a certain number of continuing education credits to maintain my license. I loved the feeling of getting reenergized when I would get back to the office after a weekend of learning new tidbits.

These days, with my speech therapy hat mostly hung up, I am probably even more motivated to attend conferences. Going to school for Communication Disorders provided me with little to no formal education or training about running a business. I have just been making it up as I go, so continuing to learn and grow on my own has been vital. Books and podcasts are great for growth of course, but the added bonus of networking and feeling inspired and excited by a conference is unparalleled!

Today I wanted to share 5 conferences I’ll be attending or speaking at in the next 5 months. I’ll tell you why I love them if I’ve been before, or what I’m hoping to get out of them based on what I know about the people involved. I’ve ordered them chronologically so you can just keep scrolling if the dates have passed when you’re reading this.

1. Let’s Rise | November 7-9 | Charleston, SC

Cost: $329 for 3 days, meals not included

Who should go: This conference is specifically for small businesses (under 100 employees), no matter your income. It’s great for everyone from side hustlers to entrepreneurs looking to scale, or even people aspiring to start a small business.

Why it will be great: It will be hard to keep this succinct, but if you’re a fan of Rachel Hollis we’ll just leave it at that. I’ve gotten so much inspiration from her podcasts, and I’ve been taking my time reading Girl Wash Your Face so it doesn’t have to end! Another speaker I’m stoked about is Marie Forleo; her “B School” has launched the careers of so many other entrepreneurs I look up to. Other speakers found in the image below.

I’ll be there as an enthusiastic attendee!

Get a ticket here.


2. Rise & Shine | November 13-14 | Wilmington, NC

Cost: $125 per day, meals not included

Who should go: Day one is perfect for any entrepreneur who also wants to dig into topics like self care and creating culture/community in your business. Day two is a special Real Estate marketing intensive, so it will be great for all you realtors who want to learn from the best (Stephanie Lanier is a successful Wilmington realtor who has a whole team of amazing women).
If you like Hatch Tribe, there are similar good vibes as the founder is involved in the Wilmington chapter.

Why it will be great: Stephanie has an amazing story and as the mom of a medically fragile child, it’s amazing to see how she gives so much to others. She lets her own challenges fuel her to inspire other women to use their own struggles as fodder for growth, and has built an epic community in Wilmington and online (The Inspiration Lab).

I’ll be there as an enthusiastic attendee day 1, and as a panelist and mastermind leader day 2.

Get tickets here.

3. Hatch Tribe Limitless Conference | December 4 | Charleston, SC

Cost: $150 thru 10/20, then $200 for 1 day w/ lunch included

Who should go: People who are ready to take some action and set some goals. I spoke at their last event earlier this year, and it was the most interactive conference I have ever been to!

Why it will be great: You’ll get to be in a beautiful setting for the day (Founder’s Hall at Charles Towne Landing), and you’ll dive into transformational tough topics- like finances and limiting beliefs.

I’ll be there as an enthusiastic attendee!

Get tickets here.

Images via Lydia McCaulley

4. The Southern C | February 5-7 | Sea Island, GA

Cost: $1195 for 2 days, includes 1 lunch and 1 dinner, & an epic swag shopping experience

Who should go: This tends to draw a lot of interior designers, but also just a lot of great southern business women! I’d say it’s mostly for someone who is already in business, but it’s good for both bloggers and entrepreneurs. I’ve reaped benefits for both aspects of my business.

Why it will be great: The setting is the Cloister at Sea Island, so the venue is a big draw for me! I’ve been twice, and continue to get opportunities from the connections I’ve made. This year I’m most excited to hear the founders of Rifle Paper Company and White’s Mercantile speak!!

I’ll be there as a mentor (round table format).

Get tickets here.

Southern C in Sea Island at the Cloister

5. Alt Summit | March 1-6 | Palm Springs, CA

Cost: $799* for 6 days, includes 1 meal/day

*cost typically increases monthly

Who should go: This is the perfect conference for bloggers, creatives, or people who are dreaming of starting a business. It got a wrap as a “mom bloggers conference”, and the founder (of Design Mom blog) may have naturally attracted like minded people at first, but I felt like it was a good mix of content.

Why it will be great: The positive energy, good vibes, visual inspiration a plenty for starters. This is by far my favorite conference I’ve ever gone to! I got to hear from some really great speakers last year- from Oh Joy to Joanna Gaines! The lineup hasn’t been announced yet, but this is a week long conference in one of my favorite cities, so I literally bought my 2019 ticket when I was still at the 2018 conference!

I’ll be there as a speaker? An attendee? TBD! Last year I led a round table, and this year I requested to do that again and to speak on a panel. I find out this month, so fingers crossed! I’ll gladly go as an attendee if I’m not selected.

Get tickets here.

Palm Springs, CA via Lucy Marie Photo

Palm Springs, CA via Lucy Marie Photo