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An easy weekend DIY: $10 Easter baskets (for grown-ups)

This Easter I'm heading to Virginia with a group of my 4 best friends and their significant others- stay tuned for more about #5days10baes and lots of excessive #squadgoals posting.  We are going to be celebrating 10 years as friends as well as Easter, so of course we have to have Easter baskets.  Here is an easy 30-minute DIY you can do for less than $10 a basket.  I made them for couples, but I bet your mom or bestie would love one too.

What you'll need (makes 4 baskets):

- Easter baskets ($2 each) 

-4 packages of candy ($5 total). I chose Reese's Eggs, Starburst, Cadbury Eggs, Peeps, and mini jelly beans

-4 bags of Easter basket "grass" ($1 each). I opted for Carolina blue for my favorite Tar Heels!

-Turkish towel (optional, $32-38 each)

-Pack of paper straws ($1)

-Mini bottles of LaMarca ($4.50 each)

-Dozen write-able eggs for dying ($2)

Where to shop: I got everything I needed, including the bubbly, at Wal-Mart.  I have also seen the mini bottles of LaMarca at Harris Teeter, Total Wine, or Southern Season.  The dollar store has most of the other items as well.

Total Cost: under $40 ($9.50 per basket, or about $48 if you include a Turkish towel)

Hands on time: under 30 minutes

Shopping time: a million hours because I get so distracted in superstores. The struggle was real.



I wanted the top of my basket to be cute and clean, so I made my basket in layers with just a couple of things on top.

1. Lay the candy on the bottom of the basket.

2. I thought it would be nice to include a Turkish towel as a spring picnic blanket, so I layered that next.  If you leave this out, you can substitute with some tissue paper or another filler to make your contents take up the whole basket.

3.  Add your Easter grass as the next layer.

4.  Write your friend's names on an egg & tie 2 straws around your bottle of bubbly.  A fine tip sharpie would work well.  I used a light blue Staedtler pen, but it bled a little. Place these items on the top of the grass however you decide to arrange them. 

I decided to add a couple of Peeps, because what is Easter without your family or your peeps!?  Now you have the perfect Easter basket to give your grown-up friend or family member.