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A Foolproof Guide to Conquering Your New Year's Resolutions

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Every year "New Year's resolutions" become a less and less trendy concept.   People have shifted their dialogue to instead reference their "2018 goals" or even having a "word of the year".  Anything you do to attempt to create a change is awesome, except when you wind up not changing anything at all, which is what I do with Resolutions year after year.  This year I'm hopping on the anti-resolution band wagon & taking a new approach, and it's all about one simple word: habits.  Below I've listed some common resolutions & some ways you can instead turn them into habits.  Whatever you try, commit to doing it for 30 days (more on that logic below).  

Note: This post is partially in partnership with Pivotal Fitness & also contains affiliate links that help earn me a commission! 

Instead of a resolution to "lose weight", try one of these habits:

-get X steps per day, do X minutes of exercise a day, X number of (squats/pushups/etc.) a day

Starting January 1, I'm committing to 30 days of getting 10k steps a day (I track my steps with the Fitbit Alta & I just got my mom the Garmin Vivofit 3)!  The only problem is I LOATHE the cold weather, so I decided to join Pivotal Fitness.  I used to go when it was Eco Fitness, and they still have my favorite cycling instructor but it's even better now!  They just did a giant renovation and have cycling, barre, yoga, & some HIIT classes.  You can wind up spending hundreds & hundreds of dollars a month if you go to a separate barre, yoga, & cycle studio, but Pivotal has all of the classes I like under 1 roof.  I asked them if we could team up so I could give you guys some perks, too!  They will give you a free week pass if you mention Charleston Weekender when you go to any of their clubs.  They'll also offer 30 days free when you sign up for a year!

Instead of a resolution to "eat healthy", try one of these habits:

-eat X every day (something green, a vegetable, a smoothie instead of a meal, etc.), avoid X for 30 days (sugar, alcohol, bread? you pick!), or commit to keeping a food journal for 30 days

I have a wheat allergy and dairy sensitivity and occasionally I completely ignore this.  (Why is pizza SO good?!)  However, I definitely feel my best mentally and physically when I avoid white foods (dairy, flour, sugar, & potatoes). Our bodies just don't need any of those!  I did this about 85% successfully in December, and I know if I can do that over the holidays January will be a piece of cake.  I know it's worth it to stay away from these foods because I feel less anxious & don't have stomach problems.

Instead of a resolution to "keep the house clean", try one of these habits:

-make your bed every day, spend X minutes straightening up (I would start small with about 5 minutes), immediately clean your dishes after you eat

I used to make up my bed every day and then just got out of the habit.  It takes 30 seconds, so we got this!!

Instead of a resolution to "unplug more", try this:

-put your phone in a special place at a certain time each evening and don't pick it up again until the next day

I'm trying this one out- my phone is going to bed at 8pm and I'll plug back in the next day after I have done my morning exercise.


Next, combine all your new habits into one routine:

The habits I'm hoping to implement are getting 10k steps a day, not having my email/social media be the first thing I look at in the morning or last thing I look at at night, avoiding white foodsmaking up my bed every day, and doing a 6-10 minute "miracle morning" routine (involves a combo of silence/reading affirmations/journaling, etc.).  I think new habits are easiest if you can combine them into one routine, so here's what mine will look like:

1.  by 8pm put my phone in my bathroom to charge

2.  next morning: get up & go to bathroom to turn my alarm off, brush/floss, then come back and make up my bed

3.  go to the dining room table to complete a 6-10 minute "Miracle Morning", part of which will be completing a food journal from the previous day.  You can get a Miracle Morning crash course here

4. either head to Pivotal Fitness if it's M/W/F, or go for a 45 minute walk on the other days

If you're motivated to start the year off with some new habits, a book I'm reading recommends doing those things for 30 consecutive days.  Those first 21 days are the hard part, but apparently you need those extra 9 days to really solidify a habit.  Will you take this 30 day challenge with me?  Start with just 1 new habit or aim for 5.  I can't do this by myself, friends!  I'll be sharing my progress in my Instagram stories, and I'll check back in early in February so we can see how we did!   


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See ya in 2018, friends!