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How We Hygge in Charleston


This post is in partnership with Wild Dunes but all opinions are my own.  Some links are affiliate links which earn me a commission, and I appreciate your help in supporting this blog!


I'm guessing by now you've probably heard of the term "hygge" (pronounced hoo-ga).  It's a Danish concept, and a Google search will give you some variation of the following definition:  the feeling/experience of friendship, warmth, peace, and contentment in a cozy & comfortable atmosphere.  Hygge is about celebrating a simple way of life & appreciating the little things; a cozy room filled with candles, an intimate meal with friends, cuddles with your fur baby, or sitting around the fire savoring some hot chocolate or s'mores.  Here in Charleston, we are a little bit more experienced with sun bathing than thriving in the cold like the Danish do.  However, there are a lot of little things you can do if you want to add a little dose of hygge to your life this winter!  My friend Brenda and I enjoyed the nicest staycation at The Boardwalk Inn at Wild Dunes Resort recently, with the intent to make our weekend as hygge as possible.  Read on and see how you think we did!


-Savor the Flavor-

One thing that we are already extra great at in Charleston that's a pretty big component of hygge?  FOOD.  Really sitting down and enjoying a meal over great conversation (i.e. NO smart phones) is what it's all about.  The amazing chef at Coastal Provisions kept us well fed at their restaurant all weekend, and even packed us up the most magical lowcountry boil one day!  We took it down the boardwalk and to the beach so we could enjoy a little beach picnic.  Getting beside the ocean in the off season is pretty magical, and this was the perfect meal to really savor along with a little champagne & chatting.   

The mini pecan pies were out of this world!  (Yes I know I'm not supposed to have wheat or dairy but... #WORTHIT!) Brenda played a ukulele concert after we ate, so we were able to stay in this hygge moment a little bit longer.  It was so refreshing not to be rushing off to the next thing!

-Hands On-

I think creating something with your hands can be a very hygge thing to do as well.  Wild Dunes offers lessons with an amazing local sweetgrass basket weaver, so we were super excited to try our hand at this!  After a 2 hour lesson we already had a small basket!  It's really relaxing to give your mind something simple and repetitive to concentrate on, and basket weaving is pretty easy to get the hang of.  


Brenda knows how to knit, too, so the couch in our suite was the perfect work space for her.  Any type of activity or game can be a good way to experience friendship and live in the moment; checkers, chess, or card games will do if you're not a maker.

-Burn Baby Burn-

One of the most crucial components of creating a hygge atmosphere?  Candles!  We brought our own along to enjoy in our room, a limited edition Christmas candle from The Contents Co.  I would say that really any kind of fire is pretty hygge!  One night we made s'mores by the fire pit after a comfort food overload at The Salty Goat, and we loved eating by the fireplace at Coastal Provisions.


-(Don't) Pack Light-

It's pretty simple to pack for a hygge weekend if you follow a few parameters.  I recommend NO heels, plenty of warm accessories, and lots of soft & comfy layers.  Of course I brought some Turkish towels to keep us cozy while we were enjoying tranquilo vibes on our couch!  

I wound up bringing a mixture of casual dresses/tops and cozy sweaters.  For brunch, we wore our super soft Escapada dresses.  Both are majorly on sale (Brenda's tassel dress // Liz's wrap dress), and they work well with tights in the winter.  I paired mine with some Talbots pom-pom flats that are so comfy, they might as well be slippers.  They come in 4 colors and I bet the yellow ones will really make you smile!  


If you're interested in learning more about this happy way of Danish living, I recommend The Little Book of Hygge, and be sure to check out Wild Dunes Resort if you want to have a hygge getaway or staycation of your own!