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Your Ultimate Guide to Dining Al Fresco

entertaining al fresco with Charleston Weekender

It’s finally cooling off and getting to that time of year in Charleston where we can start getting outside more. I basically hibernate all summer in the AC, because the bugs and the instantaneous sweat just don’t make for very delightful outdoor gatherings. Now that the heat isn’t totally intolerable, I recently put together a little al fresco brunch to help inspire you to get outside and entertain this fall. I’ve included a few other small businesses I thought you might enjoy! These wonderful companies partnered with me on my most recent Weekender Wednesday Lowcountry Live TV segment, and you can watch the replay here!

Now, for a few recommendations for your next outdoor soiree:

Rigwa Bowls

These bowls are great for both serving and for storing food; the biggest perk being that they can keep foods cold for up to 12 hours and hot for up to 6! It’s basically a YETI tumbler for your food, brilliant. If you like to serve your guests family style, it’s so nice to be able to make a batch of oatmeal and have it still be hot when everyone goes for seconds! Plus, you won’t need to worry about your acai bowls becoming bowls of soup while our temps are still a little high. Learn more about Rigwa and purchase a bowl at 20% off for a limited time here.

Haand Dinner Ware

Since I’m not the chef in my household, you’re always hearing me talk more about how to decorate than what I cook. These “celadon” colored dishes and bowls are hand made in Burlington, NC, and really dressed up my table beautifully! I paired them with some black and white napkins and platters I had, but think they could work with pastels or navy, too. I’m all about easy clean up, so I love that these are dishwasher safe! You would think porcelain pottery would be too fragile to stick in the dishwasher, but it’s also durable enough to pop into the microwave.

Haand Porcelain POttery

Fresh Florals

The perfect finishing touch for any fete? Flowers! We have florists a plenty in the Holy City, but until recently we did not have a flower truck! Enter Salt + Stem, Charleston’s first flower truck and my new favorite way to shop for flowers. Check out Salt + Stem’s Instagram to find where they are popping up around town most weekends. You’ll walk away with a cute bundle all tied up in brown butcher paper, or you can bring your own vase and the lovely owner, Dani, will make you an arrangement like mine!

salt + stem flower truck in charleston sc

I hope this inspires you to get outside and host your friends, or just head outside to dine in style with your bae or your pup!

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all images by Kim Graham Photo