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Woman Crush Wednesday: Meet Deirdre of Candy Shop Vintage

On Wednesdays I wear pink (it's true, my non-mean-girl-besties and I have been doing so for almost 2 years!), and I also like to crush on awesome boss ladies I know!  I originally discovered Candy Shop Vintage on Instagram a few years back, before it was a precious shop on Cannon Street.  Deirdre Zahl is the owner/designer behind great jewelry like the Charleston Rice Beads and my favorite champagne necklace, and is this week's Woman Crush Wednesday.   Read on to get to know a little about her, and check out some of her designs at the end of this post.  If you're attending The Charleston Wine and Food Festival (and why wouldn't you?!), she will be among the local artisans set-up in the Culinary Village.  Go say hi and peruse her awesome food and beverage related baubles.

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Who are you? Deirdre Zahl owner/designer at Candy Shop Vintage. Former New Yorker. Current Southerner. Mom to Daphne.

What do you sell and where have we seen it?  I design and sell vintage and vintage inspired jewelry and accessories. Candy Shop Vintage has been featured in Southern Living, In Style and a variety of National Blogs and publications. Some of our curated vintage pieces were used on the hit show MAD MEN a few years back and we continue to collaborate with bloggers and influencers who share our enthusiasm for whimsical, vintage inspired designs!

When/where can people find you?  There will be a Candy Shop Vintage table in the Artisan Market at CHSWFF March 3-5 from noon - 5PM each day. In addition our retail store at 9 Cannon Street will be open regular retail hours (Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-5PM). We will have our collection of Charleston Rice Beads, our other vintage inspired designs and some of our accessories like our embroidered cocktail napkins available at both locations. And of course, you can always shop online at!

Why did you start this brand and what inspires you?  I have been a collector of vintage jewelry for over a decade and launched my own line of vintage inspired costume jewelry in 2013 with the goal of creating a line that reflects the quality and craftsmanship of the vintage pieces I loved to collect and sell. I find inspiration anywhere, from vintage advertisements, to architecture, to food and fashion. I work to create unique, timeless pieces that can be worn by women of all ages and add a touch of whimsy and originality to their look.

Magenta Pink Rice Beads (available for pre-order!), $65 // Croissant Earrings (my most complimented piece of jewelry BTW), $60 // Coupe Earrings (also gets me jillions of compliments), $68 // Stackable Necklaces: Coupe ($68), Champagne Bottle ($89), & Cocktail Shaker ($68)