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A weekend in Brooklyn


I'm excited to start sharing my 10 favorite things and places in different cities, starting with our Brooklyn/NYC visit in June. 

This swanky old cab will drive hotel guests around Greenpoint and Williamsburg!

This swanky old cab will drive hotel guests around Greenpoint and Williamsburg!

#1: Box House Hotel

We recently stayed in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn for a friend's wedding. They picked a gem of a hotel for their guests! The Box House is a chic and cool hotel within walking distance to some great restaurants. Our favorites were the Lobster Joint and....

#2: Milk & Roses

This spot is perfect for a traveler since they serve breakfast every day. Milk & Roses has fun craft cocktails, and floor to ceiling books! It was a great open-air spot to sit and people watch for a couple of hours.

#3: Artists & Fleas/N 7th St.

Willamsburg is the next borough down from Greenpoint, so we checked it out for some local shopping.  We started with some browsing for hats for the mister.  There is a sweet little haberdashery, Goorin Brothers, just like the one here in Charleston.  We of course had to stop for some coffee, then paused along our way to Artists & Fleas for photos and bodega ogling. This indoor market is a must-see if you're in Brooklyn (or at their second location in Chelsea).  It's an  awesome assortment of different vendors ranging from glasses companies to leather artisans to vintage collectors.  

#4: Smorgasburg

Just down the street from Artists & Fleas, you'll find Smorgasburg. It's an outdoor Flea/Food Market with a great view of NYC's skyline.  Tons of amazing food vendors and other artisans. The "Pipcorn" girl from SharkTank was there along with other great food tents.  They were having a free photo booth too, so of course we had to get in on that!


#5: Wythe Hotel

After patiently humoring you with all this shopping, your man is going to want an adult beverage!  Don't worry, you can walk to the Wythe Hotel for an amazing rooftop view and some fancy booze.  My favorite way to see an awesome hotel is to go for a cocktail- a lot less expensive than a night of lodging, but you still get to experience a fun new vibe. 


#6: Brooklyn Brewery

It's always fun to explore a new city's microbrewery if you want to hang with the locals and have a great mini-date.  The folks at Brooklyn Brewery couldn't have been nicer. We had a tasting of Brooklyn Brown and a couple other types. I mean WOW! Delish.  The place started getting packed and they had live music too. It's also around the corner from the Brooklyn Bowl, where you can bowl AND listen to concerts! My only regret from our trip is that I could have seen QuestLove DJ for TEN DOLLARS there if not for being an old lady and being already asleep at the hotel well before he came on at 11. 

#7: Brooklyn Bridge

Top on my to-do list for this long weekend was to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. We wound up jogging across the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges with plenty of stops for picture taking.  Loved the views, including the Statue of Liberty and the cabs passing underneath you. 'Merica, y'all.


#8: Chelsea

Thanks to a quick Uber ride, we headed into NYC for the rest of our trip. We killed some time around Chelsea until it was time to wait in line for the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.  This is a great hidden gem, because you can potentially see famous comedians for free- we saw Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch there in 2005! No such luck this time. We did see Jon Ronson who wrote "The Men Who Stare at Goats", but I'm not familiar.  Anyhoo, before we had to get in line for tickets we checked out Chelsea Market's shops and eateries. If you're coming to browse for awhile, I recommend that your first stop in the market be The Filling Station. You can grab a to-go pint and have it while you shop.  There were lots of cute gift shops, but my favorite thing was the flower stand.  Like being at a bodega on an NYC corner only it's inside the market.  


#9: The Highline

This is maybe my favorite part of New York. Central Park is great, but the Highline is where it's at!  It's a really lovely walking path above the city, converted from an old railroad.  There are beautiful plants, sculptures, and city/water views along the way.  Next it was off to lunch on an old boat at Pier 66. Give me lunch on the water and I'm a happy camper!

#10: Jimmy Fallon

I had to save the best part of our visit for last (other than the bomb diggity wedding we went to, of course).  "This is it, you're here, you made it!" said Jimmy to US when he walked out onto the stage. I can remember how contagious and vibrant his energy was.  The Roots were killing it of course;  jumping around and going crazy to get the audience hyped for the show. Then Jimmy comes to hang out and chat with the audience during commercial breaks, what a guy! At the end of the show, I almost knocked over my husband in order to high-five Jimmy as he came up our aisle.  We both survived and got high-fives, success!  If you know you want to go to a show, the tickets are free but they are NOT easy to get. You have to use your ninja skills and get as many people to go online to get tickets as you can after they announce the release date on Twitter (the month before you want to go).  We were on 5 different computers trying to line up for the queue at 11:00 on the dot when the tickets were released, and only one of us made it into the line.  At about 11:03 we thankfully had our tickets.  Definitely go see his show, I have a feeling he will still be around for years to come!  Afterward we paid way too much for sandwiches in Rockefeller Plaza, but it's still a fun spot to hang around and people watch.

A super fun citrus display in Rockefeller Plaza.

A super fun citrus display in Rockefeller Plaza.