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Top 10 Doors & Window Boxes of Charleston (Fall Edition)

Did you ever meet a Charleston door you didn't love?  Not very likely if you're browsing any street South of Broad.  My version of meditation/shutting down is often to walk around Charleston streets hunting for a door or window box I've never noticed before, or to see how they change with the seasons.  I had so much fun scouting doors with fall decor this year- some are spooky, some are in harvest-mode, and others even look a little Halloween-ish as-is (see door #4).  Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for #10, who went ALL OUT and I can only imagine the amount of work (and fun) it was to create!  One of my favorite local artists (Sunwoven) even shared hers with us!  Comment below to let me know which one is your favorite, and check out this Instagram post to see my favorite one!











IMG_9814 (1).JPG




Your favorite Charleston weaver, Erin Barrett of Sunwoven, went all out with her door this year! 







Hope you enjoyed that! Okay, so this bonus one below isn't fall-ish per-say, but you know I had to take a double take when I spotted balloons!  We now carry these giant round balloons in our Charleston Balloon Shop, you just need to call a week in advance if you want a color (besides white, black, or clear confetti).  I could definitely be on board with leaving a couple of these happy yellow ones lying around on my porch to make the neighbors smile, couldn't you?!