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Charleston's Best Burger Spots

I've hardly ever met a burger I didn't love, and in a place like Charleston a good burger is a dime a dozen.  I figured it was high time I shared some of my favorites, so here is my top 5!  Does anyone else love adding a fried egg on top!? YUM.

My Top 5 Favorite Charleston Burgers

1.  Best Overall: Hom (Hom Wrecker)

2.  Best Double Patty: Little Jack's Tavern (Double Tavern Burger)

3.  Best Build Your Own Burger: Sesame Burgers 

4.  Best Veggie Burger: Rarebit (Vegan Burger)

5.  Best Turkey Burger: Big John Burger (Jive Turkey)

Comment if you have other noteworthy favorites!  I'm always down to try a new spot.  Check out my Charleston Guide and follow along on Instagram to catch my other Charleston recommendations.