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Why You Should Plan an Off-Season Palm Springs Vacation

Sadly enough, the ushering in of fall very slightly makes me start to already dread winter!  By January or February, we East Coasters are just over the winter weather and itching for a sunny escape.  I've always loved heading to sunny Florida or sunny California that time of year, and Palm Springs, CA is definitely one of my destinations of choice.  In the summer months, however, I typically opt for a northeast destination to escape the heat.  Surprisingly, I was VERY pleased to get to learn just how much I also loved Palm Springs in the "off season"- smack dab in the middle of summer!  I joined a few other awesome influencers that ACME House Company hosted to help show our favorite things about the city. The temps were near 100 degrees, but daily dips in the pool & breezy evenings made for the most enjoyable experience nonetheless.  You really can't go wrong visiting this happy city any time of year, but here are a few reasons to consider going in the "off season": 

1. Affordable Rates

Lots of hotels & vacation rentals will drop their rates, so find your favorite and get on their email list so you don't miss it.  If you're wanting to travel with your family or a group, ACME House Company is one of my favorite vacation rental companies (see some of their houses here and here).  I most recently got to stay at their "Beverly Modern" house with my adorable pal Krystine Edwards (see some photos of the adorable pad below).  Keep an eye on ACME via their Instagram, because they often runs specials in the off season.  I just saw they extended their summer rates through September 30th, so there is plenty of time to take advantage of the best deals of the year.

2. Access to Top Rated Restaurants

An off season visit means you'll have your pick of plenty of great restaurants to get into, likely without needing reservations like you would at other times of the year.  I enjoyed getting right in everywhere we tried- which is very different from the experience I've had at other times of the year (such as during Modernism Week). Some of my favorites lately are Azucar, Norma's at The Parker, & Evzin Mediterranean Cuisine (pictured below, what an over the top awesome meal!). 

3. Take Advantage of Great Sales at Shops/Showrooms

Palm Springs has everything from cute wine & cheese shops like On The Mark, to elevated souvenir shops like Destination PSP, and of course plenty of retail stores (both new and vintage).  Visiting a city in the off season just means a higher likelihood you can find some major deals while you're there!  As a store owner, I'm here to tell you that it is TOUGH to be in the retail industry during slow seasons like after Christmas and over the summer, so this is when you're more likely to find things at the best prices and not have to deal with crowded boutiques.

Our colorful group outside of Destination PSP. I splurged on these   super cute glasses  !

Our colorful group outside of Destination PSP. I splurged on these super cute glasses!

Palm Springs has several superb showrooms for the art & design lovers out there as well.  On part of our #AcmeSummerSocial trip, we got to visit Shag, the most fun gallery you'll ever encounter. How amazing does our group look re-creating a live version of the classic Shag artwork?  


Christopher Kennedy is another store/showroom combo that you'll love- it's always a must visit whenever I'm in town. Christopher is the designer behind the main show house at Modernism Week, so this is the perfect place to go for trend-spotting any time of year!

The adorable  Dawn McCoy  and friends, showing off my turkish towels at the Christopher Kennedy store!

The adorable Dawn McCoy and friends, showing off my turkish towels at the Christopher Kennedy store!


Sure, it's going to be hot if you visit Palm Springs in the summer (it IS the desert, after all)... but I promise it's nothing compared to the East Coast humidity we get.  Even in July, I had some really lovely morning walks and worked poolside (without even schvitzing)!  I can't really say the same about Charleston in July & August- even in the early morning hours you kind of feel like you're stepping straight into a sauna.  
You heard it here first, people: Dry heat just can't be beat.  Plus, unlike Charleston, pools are EVERYWHERE in Palm Springs!
ACME's Beverly Modern Vacation Rental in Palm Springs, California

ACME's Beverly Modern Vacation Rental in Palm Springs, California

Thanks again to my awesome hosts, Visit Palm Springs & ACME House Company's Beverly Modern House!  P.S. Don't forget to come say hi on Instagram & check out my city guides for more trip ideas & inspiration. 

all images c/o Nathan Cox Studios for ACME House Company



Finding Rainbows in Palm Springs

All images c/o  Fred Moser Photography

All images c/o Fred Moser Photography

I hope you enjoy these lovely photos of the Aqualillies, Kelly Golightly, and me.  The talented Fred Moser snapped these shots at ACME House Company's Atomic Hummingbird in Palm Springs.  Read on the next time you need a little pick me up!

I’ve been following Kelly’s inspirational blog for awhile and we finally met at Modernism Week in Palm Springs.  She continues to inspire me as she frequently gets real about the “a” word on her blog and Instagram.  Yep- anxiety!  You know, that thing that STILL has a stigma around it that brings feelings of inadequacy or shame to my mind when I admit out loud that I struggle with it.  By sharing her story, Kelly has made me want to share a little more of the reality behind my happy and colorful Instagram account.  Guess what? You can be a really positive and overall happy person but really have a tough time shutting off/finding motivation to get going.  No matter where you are with your mental health, couldn’t we all use a little more happiness? We have to remember the good wouldn’t be quite as good if there weren’t some struggles along the way, but we hope this inspires you to find a little more happy to help you get through your own clouds.  There is always another rainbow around the corner, and don’t forget that you just might be the rainbow someone else is looking for! Thank you to the talented Aqualillies synchronized swimmers for literally being our rainbow at my Palm Springs rental house.


Live the Little Things

By now we all know not to put too much stock in material possessions, but with the world of the internet we can be constantly bombarded with reminders that we don’t have as much as our Instafriends.  It’s so much more fun to focus on what you HAVE instead of what you don’t, right?! Finding happy little things to surround myself with helps me stay in my lane and be grateful for what I do have. Sometimes this means picking up a fun new trinket from the dollar spot at Target.  Sometimes this means dressing in a happy color like hot pink or yellow, even when I’m feeling a little blue. Other times it’s lighting a candle and just enjoying that scent for a few minutes. Want to know something we all have in our budget that can evoke a lot of extra happiness? Balloons! I dare you to go by a small hot pink latex balloon (~$1.25) and then NOT see someone around you smile.  Or, keep an eye on our balloon shop’s Instagram for some of our favorite finds.


Phone a Friend


Loneliness is that one feeling that creeps in for me the most.  I have plenty of awesome people around me, a great husband, and I am out and about a lot for my business.  However, sometimes I don’t reach out to really connect with other people because it just feels too daunting.  Feeling like I need to have something fun to do to suggest or a perfect dinner party planned can keep me from doing anything at all.  Well, so what I stink at cooking? Kelly didn’t shun me when all I had to offer was a cocktail and some light snacks. We had a great afternoon and being around each other was so energizing!  Here’s a recipe for the Hot & Dirty Martini I served:


2 oz vodka

½ oz extra dry vermouth

¼ oz olive juice

3 dashes of hot sauce

Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with 2-3 ice cubes. Pour into a frozen martini glass and serve with a stick of 2 green olives.  Throw that on a cute bar cart and voila! Even a simple mini fete is plenty good enough and will help you recharge. Or, going for a walk with someone or even giving them a call can make a huge difference.  When I feel mopey and the last thing I want to do is talk to anyone, but sometimes I try really hard to do it anyway. More times than not I hang up the phone feeling ready to get going!

Be a Tourist

We can’t always be traveling all the time, but I sure do try!  There is nothing that energizes, excites, and inspires me quite like being in another city.  It doesn’t even have to be anywhere fancy, just seeing a new place brings me a sense of adventure.  Palm Springs is the créme de la créme when it comes to giving me an instant dose of happy. The palm trees, pools, and midcentury modern homes get me so inspired.  Well, I sadly can’t be hopping on a plane there every week, so when I don’t have a fun trip lined up I try to be a tourist in my own town. Kelly & her husband/photographer “Fred baby” are great about this; they often drive around to look at the local architecture and photograph homes in nearby neighborhoods.  Tourist-ing is really just about looking at new things. Take a walk on a street you’ve never walked end to end, a bike ride to a local coffee shop, or drive to the next town over.  Notice all of things you’ll see that you haven’t appreciated before!


Anxiety and depression are very real, and sometimes it takes more than a few tips you find on the internet to get your mind where you want it.  The worst thing we can all do is just continue to keep quiet about mental health, so let’s start talking! Talk to your loved ones, a mental health professional, or even to your social media friends about your struggles and also what makes you happy.  You never know who is needing a little extra dose of happy, so try to be someone’s rainbow today. In the words of Miley & Dolly, “We are rainbows me and you, every color every hue. Let’s shine on through.” Cheers to making our own Rainbowland!


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