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Weekender Women: Investing Consciously

image c/o Dazey LA

image c/o Dazey LA

Frequently on my blog & Instagram I like to share about causes or values that are important to me. This year I’ve been on a personal journey towards better mental and physical health, feeling like I’m finally figuring out what I’m doing with respect to my career, and enjoying getting more involved with the community around me! That community largely tends to be female oriented, often comprised of other business owners like myself. When the conscious investing platform, COIN, asked me to share why I’m passionate about gender equality and other causes that are important to me, I was excited for the chance to add to that conversation!

This post is in partnership with COIN but all opinions are my own.

image c/o Dazey LA

image c/o Dazey LA

When it comes to being the badass ladies we strive to be (whether that is at home, at work, or in our relationships), there are some road blocks & recurrent patterns I see in women around me that keep resurfacing.  In order to be the best versions of ourselves and the best version of our gender in the future, I have a few ideas for us!

-Just Say NO-

This is obviously not a novel concept, especially if you went through the D.A.R.E. program in your adolescence. It was drilled into us to “just say no” to drugs, but what about other things that don’t serve us? The ability to say no tends to be one of the biggest struggles I see women facing.  I think the main fear is that we will be considered to be rude, unkind, or appear unwilling to help. The problem with saying yes is often that we are doing everyone a favor except for ourselves!  Saying no usually means we can say yes to something even better, amen!? Here are a few ways I have found to soften the blow of saying no when I’m asked to do all the things (like write a blog post in exchange for a t-shirt, spend my time at an event that just doesn’t sound fun, or donate products for fundraisers when I simply can’t spare the inventory):

- I can’t right now, but keep me in mind for next time/when you have a budget/etc.

-skip the explanation all together. I’m working on not over-splaining all the time. It’s ok to just say sorry I can’t help!

-just be gracious no matter what (I really appreciate you thinking of me)

-Ask for What You Want (you just might get it!)-

The last time I had a corporate job (in speech-language pathology at a nursing home), I was one of about 3 people who actually got a raise when our company changed owners. The main reason is because I simply asked for it! Some people just took the salary they were given (and then later complained about it). I also asked if I could stop wearing scrubs to work at that job because I knew I would feel better in my real clothes; all black scrubs were seriously bringing me down no matter how much jewelry I wore. If I hadn’t asked for that, I am pretty confident my boss would not have said “Hey Liz, what can I do to make you happier at work?” and I would have remained in sad in scrubs.

There seems to be a lot of fear that holds people back from asking for what they want, especially for the women I know. What are you truly afraid of that is holding you back from making the ask? If the answer is that you’re afraid of being turned down, well at least if you ask you might have a shot at getting what you want (as opposed to not saying anything and definitely not getting it)!

image c/o Dazey LA

image c/o Dazey LA

-Get Involved-

(in your local and state government, your finances, and your community)!

The more we educate ourselves and play an active role in decision making about our future, the better off we are going to be- especially when it comes to finances. I am certainly guilty of not having an active role in financial planning, both in our home and in my business. It wasn’t until recently that I began paying attention to my Profit & Loss statement & other financial aspects of my business.  I’m lucky to have a husband who doubles as my accountant, but I was really just selling myself short to not have a better grasp on those details of my business and educate myself accordingly.

If you aren’t paying attention to your savings and planning for the future, today is a great time to start! I like the idea of COIN because you can “invest with impact” by actually investing in companies that are making a difference in the areas that matter to you.  If you’re passionate about clean water or better health, you can invest with companies that promote those causes! Use promo code COIN2019 to receive $50 when you invest your first $100 at

We also need to get involved in our communities by understanding who our local officials are. If you are like me and sadly just have no interest in watching the news, find other ways to get involved in politics. Check out a city council meeting or gather with a group of your neighbors and have everyone share their concerns and find ways to make a difference in the neighborhood. It truly drives me crazy to hear people complain about this or that but then learn they didn’t vote or take any action to find a solution. If we are passionate about gender equality, what do we plan to do about it?

-Don’t Feel Pressured to Conform to Traditional Gender Roles-

Have kids, or don’t! Be a goddess in the kitchen, or let your husband do the cooking! My husband does most of our cooking or cleaning, and I struggle with carrying guilt because of that. I grew up in a traditional household and learned those things were a woman’s job. A lot of women do love to cook and clean and are great at those things, I’m just not one of them. My husband actually derives sheer pleasure from cooking and cleaning, so I just have to embrace it and contribute to our household in other ways. I am the main trash taker outer, organizer, decorator, & bug killer! I might don a colorful apron from time to time, but it’s usually just for a photo op ;)

No cooking for me, I’d rather be a “lady who lunches”!  image c/o Dazey LA

No cooking for me, I’d rather be a “lady who lunches”!

image c/o Dazey LA

I may not be a “traditional” feminist; I don’t really feel oppressed and haven’t really experienced that. However, I hope to encourage other women to keep using your voices in any way that matters to you and to take responsibility for getting the future you want.  Don’t forget to use promo code COIN2019 to receive $50 when you invest your first $100 at, so you can start investing in companies that support the causes you care about!

We are just as awesome as the boys, we just need to go after what we want (perhaps on a colorful bike)! image c/o Dazey LA

We are just as awesome as the boys, we just need to go after what we want (perhaps on a colorful bike)! image c/o Dazey LA

All images c/o Dazey LA, a “slow fashion” female run clothing brand I think you’ll love as well!

Shoot location: Azucar Palm Springs // Bikes: Bike Palm Springs // Click here to shop the looks from this post.



Woman Crush Wednesday: Persifor

It's no surprise Alexandra Thompson, the talented creator of Persifor,  really knows how to put on one heck of a soirée!  I love her timeless prints and great choice of fabrics (her "Winpenny" dress is my new favorite throw-on, btw. More on that later).  This classy gal not only has great style, but is also a delightful hostess. She treated us to lunch at one of my favorites, The Dewberry.  I wanted to share some of these fun photos by Lucy Cuneo which will certainly gave you some inspiration for hosting a fabulous brunch.  One piece of advice for entertaining a la Alex, keep the rosé flowing! 

This post may contain some affiliate links that help support this blog.  Thank you so much for shopping through my links!
Alexandra Thompson, creator of Persifor in her  Indigo Spot Winpenny dress

Alexandra Thompson, creator of Persifor in her Indigo Spot Winpenny dress

Table decor ideas for days!

The Dewberry never disappoints.

It's always good to hang with these lovely ladies!

My Persifor Picks

Winpenny Dress in TileBeverly Hills (on sale)

Pineapple Print in Athens Blue & Citrus (both on sale)


After only a couple of uses, I got bumped into & this Mecox Canvas Tote Bag suffered from a major coffee spill. This canvas must be made from Unicorn tears because it is magic and 100% off the coffee wiped off!

Thanks to Persifor & Leapfrog PR for putting on this fabulous shindig for us! I hope to one day be a badass boss lady like Alex, who is somehow doing all of this while she is a mom!



Woman Crush Wednesday: Meet My Intern!

Top image c/o  Clifford Pate

Top image c/o Clifford Pate

Today I want to introduce you to one of the Charleston Weekender team members.  Did that sound like I have a whole staff? Ha, it's just little ol' me, but now I have an awesome new intern helping me a couple of days a week, Brooke Simmons.


Who is Brooke Simmons? Born and raised Carolina girl (from NC, but residing in SC). Zeta at COFC. 

Tell everyone what you're in school for, what dream job would be, and what are some of your favorite things? I am a junior, Marketing major aspiring to work in the fashion industry. I actually have a ton of (random) dream jobs. One that is completely opposite of my major, is to work for the FBI in the BAU (behavioral analysis unit). SO random but my guilty pleasure is binge watching Criminal Minds, so I have always secretly wanted to do that. My other (serious) dream job is to open my own boutique in Charleston and live here forever!! I have a serious love for Golden Retrievers and Taco Tuesdays. 

Where can people come find you if they want to steal you away from me or just come say hey?Charleston Ride Revolution (an amazing spin class downtown) and Vestique are where you could find me any day of the week. I work at Vestique as a sales associate, so come see me and let me style you up! OH... and Queen street grocery or Five Loaves because those are my go to restaurants.  You can also find Brooke on Instagram at @brookeleesimmons.

Why did you want to be my intern? What do you hope to learn and what do you find inspiration from?  I wasn’t too sure what I was getting myself into when hearing about this internship opportunity with Charleston Weekender, but a good friend recommended me so I looked you up, and knew we could be a good fit. I have gained so much inspiration from you thus far, from traveling, communication skills, marketing and social media skills, etc. I can definitely say your photoshoots you put together for Holy City Chics inspire me the most, because your determination to put together the best shoot and article. Your crazy busy life is exactly what I hope for mine to be like one day and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be apart of it. 

Brooke didn't mention she is really great at product styling and photography!  Check out some of the prop styling she helped me to for Crew La La! Those images were taken by Jennifer Collins Photography, and the ones of Maddie & me are by Brooke.  A lady with many talents and a bright future ahead!



Woman Crush Wednesday: Skinny Dip Founders

All images by  Mary Beth Creates

All images by Mary Beth Creates

I wanted you guys to be the first to know about a great new shop that is opening next month, Skinny Dip Charleston. I'm beyond thrilled that I will have some of my products in store, alongside some of my absolute FAVORITE brands (Society Social, Ashley Brooke, KJP, Modern South, Coastal Kelder, & Jenn Griffith to name a few)!  But without further adieu, meet the genius girl bosses behind this store.  Not only do they have another successful location in Nantucket, they also each have their own brands!  Read on to be inspried by these fabulous females.

Meet the Co-founders

Sara Rossi, Founder of Beau & Ro

Named after her parents, Sara launched Beau & Ro with a line of clutches that convert to belt bags and with the addition of numerous handbag silhouettes, stays true to the notion that fashion and function can go hand in hand. Sara was born and raised in Westport, CT and attended Boston College. 

Taylor Ivey, founder of Ellsworth & Ivey

Named after her grandmothers, Taylor founded Ellsworth & Ivey, a collection of sophisticated womenswear designed for a modern woman, with a nod to a classic and timeless heritage style. Taylor was born in Palm Beach, FL, raised in Litchfield, CT and attended Tulane University in New Orleans. 

The Story of Skinny Dip

Friends first, The Skinny Dip began as a way for Sara Rossi and Taylor Ivey to showcase their own companies alongside complimentary brands from around the country. The Nantucket island store exceeded all expectations in its first year, garnering exceptional sales, strong word of mouth and extensive press coverage for both the store and the concept, including The New York Times and Travel & Leisure. The Skinny Dip will open a second, year-round location at 345 King Street, Charleston in April 2017.  There will even be a coffee bar inside; it's going to be epic, y'all!  Have a look inside their Nantucket store below.

Be sure to look for the Skinny Dip gals in the Charleston Fashion Week Style Lounge Thursday-Saturday!  Also make sure you follow Skinny Dip Charleston on Instagram so you don't miss the dates of their awesome events/workshops.  To kick off the first month, there will be workshops from The Town Serif and Conflicted Pixie.  I'll be there hosting my Instagram for Business class on April 13!


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Woman Crush Wednesday: The Apron Lady

This week I'm woman-crushing on Ellen Marie Bennett, a.k.a. "The Apron Lady", mostly because of her colorful Instagram feed, but also because she's one talented boss lady that is coming to our city for Charleston Wine & Food Festival! It starts today and you don't want to miss it.  Here is a little about Ellen, who I'm hoping to meet during the festival!

Who is The Apron Lady?  I'm Ellen, the Founder and CEO of Hedley & Bennett, the Los Angeles based apron company that I started in 2012 at age 24. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California but I am half Mexican so I spent a lot of time there too. I was definitely far from an ordinary kid and very independent from a young age after my parents got divorced. I became very interested in cooking and testing out new recipes for my single mom and little sister while growing up. This is when I realized my love for the kitchen and cooking. When I was old enough, I packed up and moved to Mexico City for Culinary School to continue my passion for cooking. After living in Mexico for a few years and graduating I moved back to the states and worked as a line cook at two Los Angeles’ restaurants (Baco Mercat and two-Michelin star rated Providence). I noticed the stale look and poor quality of the aprons I wore daily and I was inspired to make a more functional apron, so I worked with my chef, Josef Centeno of Baco Mercat, to design my first run of aprons for his staff.  That was the official start of Hedley & Bennett!

What are Hedley & Bennett aprons, and why is there so much hype about them? Our mission is to design the world’s best workwear & build a community in the kitchen and beyond. Each fabrication detail has been carefully considered to handle the rigorous daily use experienced in a working kitchen. All our products are handmade from start to finish use only top grade materials such as American canvas, raw Japanese selvage denim and European linens. These unique pieces (aprons, chef coats, chef hats, potholders, napkins and more!) are high quality and built to last. Every apron also features adjustable straps, brass hardware, and well-placed pockets reinforced with bar tacks to avoid ripping. The construction of our aprons came from my own experience in the kitchen and from talking to and listening to what people needed and wanted. The Apron Squad literally grew one member at a time. I started running between restaurants and farmers markets with bags of fabric swatches and apron samples, talking to everyone I could get my hands on about this exciting new idea. We are now in over 4000 restaurants and outfit some of the best chefs and institutions in the world like Delta Airlines, SpaceX, Google, Bon Appetit, Whole Foods, Martha Stewart, Mario Batali, David Chang, Alinea Shake Shack, Curtis Stone and shows on Food Network and Top Chef.

When/where: where can people find you at CHSWFF? Well, we are working really closely with CHSWFF this year so you can find our aprons on all the chefs there as well as in their market place! We are also worn in many Charleston restaurants such as Leon's, Hen and the Goat, Fig, Butcher & the Bee, Callie's Biscuits and more.  You can see me speak at Pecha Kucha on Friday night at The Cigar Factory.  You can also find Ellen via her adorable Instagram at @ellenmariebennett or @hedleyandbennett.  Her website is, and you should watch this clip to learn more about her rags to riches story from her Today Show feature.

Why does making aprons continue to inspire you? When I established Hedley & Bennett, it was born to inspire a sense of dignity and pride in the kitchen. I recognized a recurring pattern in drab kitchen workwear: bland, generic, and essentially disposable uniforms that were completely uninspiring.  I had the vision to make people feel as amazing as the food they prepared. Through the community of culinary professionals, our aprons have turned into a nationwide movement and it fuels me to keep going!

As Ellen mentioned, you can see her speak at Pecha Kucha Friday 3/3 during the Charleston Wine + Food Festival.  Read my last post to see more CHSWFF I recommend attending that are under $100!

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