I’m not sure where to even begin as I try to write this post, which is an attempt to recap the level of “extra” that happened at the end of March with the fabulous ladies I bunked with during the Alt Summit conference! We were lucky enough to be hosted by my favorite Palm Springs vacation rental company, ACME House Company! You know… the rental company I always talk about who I will one day have manage my dream Palm Springs Airbnb ;) ALL of their homes have pools, and all of their properties I’ve stayed at have been in really really great locations (no more than a 5-10 minute ride from wherever I’ve needed to go to eat or shop).


We stayed at “The Eight Thirty PS” all week and got majorly spoiled by the pool, the proximity to town, and the beautiful mountain view. The only child in me also loved that I had a separate little “casita” all to myself!  As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by the fragrance from the bougainvillea & our gorgeous citrus trees.  Heavenly!

The Eight Thirty is only a short bike or Uber ride away from downtown. Andrea and I tried our hand at a tandem bike, and thank goodness she was at the helm!

The pool was probably all of our favorite feature, perfect for sunning & socializing!

During our trip, we laughed (a lot), we cried, we grew, we blossomed! We decided we had fallen victim to “ACME Extra”.  This a phenomenon that happens when your vacation rental is stocked with fresh fruit trees beside your luscious swimming pool and you are living in the lap of luxury. Your most fabulous innermost diva is bursts forth from within you, and you rediscover yourself!  You also feel the need to wear lots of turbans and/or caftans.

Ok, so without further ado, let’s met “the cast” of the Real Housewives of Palm Springs (i.e. my roomies for the week)!

Left to right, top to bottom:

Me, a.k.a. “Weekender”, Andrea, a.k.a. “The Curator”, Jenny a.k.a. “Jenny from the block”, & Julianne, a.k.a. “JuJu Von Fabelhoft”. What do you think, would you tune in to watch these sassy gals? Maybe we aren’t ready for our own show just yet, but we sure are QUITE a scene!


A very special thanks to ACME House Co for hosting us, Nathan Cox Studios for capturing the essence of our “extra”with his photos, and the below product sponsors for making us feel fantastic!

Heidi Houston (caftans) // Bike Palm Springs // Persifor (bike outfits) // Charleston Shoe Company

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