Often times my workspace is our Charleston balloon shop, and otherwise it's usually here at my home office.  It can certainly be a challenge to stay on track when your office is also your dwelling.  Hopefully you'll find some of these tips helpful! The photos shown here are from our recent home tour with Houzz & Margaret Wright Photography, and some of the links I've included are affiliate links which earn me a small commission.  Thank you so much for shopping through my site! 

1. Let The Light In

Keep your blinds or curtains open and let as much light in as possible!  This creates far happier ambiance to work in, is easier on your eyes, and you'll be already set up for taking your social media product photos.

2. Bold Never Gets Old

Having some fun & fabulous office decor will definitely keep you inspired all day!  If your taste is on the daring side, you can try a fun peel & stick wallpaper or our fern "wallpaper" DIY.  Even incorporating statement throw pillows on your office furniture or getting a great rug will elevate your work space and fuel your creativity.

3. Add Some Smells

Candles, an essential oil diffuser, or fresh flowers will help keep you relaxed during a chaotic work day.  Peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender always keep me calm but energized.

4. Pump Up The Jams

I keep a record player in my office, because music definitely motivates me!  "RAC Radio" on Pandora is my current favorite station.  I like to alternate between tunes and podcasts depending on the amount of attention required for the projects I'm working on.  Check out my round-up of podcasts for entrepreneursAnti-distraction tip: play music/podcasts from your phone and set it away from your desk; when I set my phone aside and treat it as a radio, I don't get bogged down by feeling like I need to immediately respond to every text message that comes through. 

5. Store Away Clutter

My office usually needs to double as a storage unit for products and styling props.  By keeping things mostly contained in storage bins and boxes in cubbies, I am not constantly distracted by a mess.  I also purposefully got a small desk so I don't have any other choice except to straighten papers and put things in their place at the end of the day.  If your eyes don't have to see too much clutter, your brain will have more free space to concentrate on the day's tasks at hand.

Please share YOUR tips for a more productive workspace in the comments below, and follow along on Instagram to see more decor inspiration and lifestyle photos.