I recently learned about Magical Mystery Tours, and met the owner Denise.  MM Tours is a super cool concept; they give people surprise vacations that cater to their budgets and preferences.  Lots of them give Denise full control over where they will wind up, yikes!  Although I'm a huge planner and don't think I could sign up for a full-on surprise like that, I definitely don't love all the parts of travel that involve actually booking everything.  Finding an Instagram-worthy al fresco restaurant? Now that sounds fun, but figuring out best flights and affordable hotels does not.  While I'm not ready to fully give the reigns to let someone else decide which city I go to on vacation, I'm definitely coming around to the idea that letting MM Tours pick out my hotel for me (with my provided list of must haves) could be a really fun way to do it.  We could take out the logistical aspects of vacationing and just get to show up, maybe even with a surprise afternoon activity planned for us.  I'm currently (and always) longing for a random array of travel to New England, Palm Beach, Canada, or anywhere abroad.  

MM Tours was recently mentioned in Vogue and The Oprah Magazine, so I'm pretty confident they aren't going to surprise you with some rinky-dink shabby hotel.  For anyone who wants to really go all the way with surprise travel, Magical Mystery Tours will send you a red envelope like the ones seen below.  You aren't supposed to open it until you get to the airport!  They will send you a weather report and packing list a week before your trip so you won't have too many surprises you aren't prepared for.  As someone who always snooped for their presents from Santa, I don't think I could keep it a surprise from myself.  Would you ever try mystery travel?  Check out on Magical Mystery Tours on Instagram for some major Wanderlust!