The latest event I attended with the Charleston Blog Society was at Stox & Co, and I am so glad I was introduced to this place!   It's located at The Boulevard on Coleman and has an awesome assortment of jewelry (i.e. Charleston Rice Beads), makeup, and skincare products. I love that they carry a lot of high quality/organic brands.  Opting for natural products is so important for your overall health, which is why I carry botanical candles and fragrance free soaps in my online shop.  Stox & Co. treated us to plenty of wine and snacks and gave us an awesome swag bag.  I threw in a couple of my products like my Turkish towels so I hope everyone loved them!  It was a great event meeting lots of sweet bloggers and the incredible staff at Stox (who all have great skin BTW-so they must be doing something right!). 

After this fun evening and meeting the really sweet staff I was super pumped when I heard I had won the free massage giveaway!  Rhonda gave me one of the TOP 3 MASSAGES I have ever had in my life, so this is by far the spa I would most recommend in the Charleston area.  You can tell by the looks of the place it's just oozing with relaxing vibes.  Thank you so much to Stox & Co. for everything, and also to Gillian Ellis for the great photos and coordinating the event.

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