Rachel Red Photography

Rachel Red Photography

I am certainly by no means a fashion blogger (have you seen me try to pull-off a cute pose or a stoic expression!? It's painful to watch).  I usually like to stick to weekend guides or travel recs.  I do, however, find a lot of similarities between styling someone's home, styling a photo shoot, and styling an outfit. For me it's a fun means of creative expression to put together a new look or re-purpose clothes I already have.  This is the first of a new "weekend uniform" guide that will hopefully bring you some inspiration whether you are headed on a trip, a date, or downtown with the gals. 

Button-up + skirt 

This is a super simple look that is easy to find from any store thanks to the popularity of the midi skirt right now.  Mine isn't quite as long, but all you need is a skirt that is fitted above your belly button with a little volume.  Then I take a collared shirt and button it halfway down.  Tie up the rest to leave a little peek of skin showing, but a la Taylor Swift I prefer to see no belly buttons!  Your button-down top doesn't have to be denim, and would look great with high waisted pants, shorts, or a pencil skirt. Apparently I'm going through a big picnic phase right now, and this look is perfect for that put-together look that won't be too uncomfortable to relax in.  I hope you enjoy these photos by Rachel Red from Middleton Place, the perfect spot for a picnic for two.

Happy Weekending Y'all! My go-to denim shirt spot is J. Crew outlet, and check out these other shirts in white that you can tuck in or tie up!  The ones below are from Southern Proper, Shirtini,  Macy's, and Revolve.  See more of Andrea and Kelly's great #weekenderstyle on their blogs, Charleston Shop CuratorPaper Meets Pearl

Unfortunately this blog isn't going to pay for itself, so this content includes some affiliate links. However, I only recommend products that I love and think you'll love, too.