No, I haven't taken a 2nd job as a bartender (or 3rd or 5th job, but who's counting?).  I do, however, occasionally serve up some One Hope wine at local events because I love being involved with a wine label that gives back!  One Hope gives 50% of profits to charities, and the bottles are all under $20 (unless you want to splurge on a $59 glitter bottle for a special occasion). Holly from Dandy Boutique had me join her with some One Hope bubbly for her recent pop up event at Moon & Lola. Thanks to Holly for including me at this event!

Fun guests, Swank Desserts, and One Hope sparkling brut were the only things we needed to have a fun Friday evening of shopping and sipping!

You can find more photos and recap from this event on Dandy's blog.  If you haven't already checked out their cute Charleston shop, it's a great vintage-inspired women's boutique beside Rue de Jean.   I especially love it because Holly always has super fun entertaining items like my favorite Sunny Life products. They currently carry some ice cream and watermelon napkins and other cute accessories.  Summer isn't showing any signs of letting up here in Charleston, so there are plenty more opportunities for serving ice cream and watermelon to your friends! 

I am not getting monetary compensation for any of the products I have recommended in this post, but I have included a couple affiliate links (that I may eventually get paid from if someone besides my mom reads this).

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