Spring is in full swing, and that means Mother's Day will be here before we know it!  Here are some of my recommendations for what to buy mom, whether it's her 1st Mother's Day or her 50th!  There are some great options (ordered by budget) that all happen to support either good causes or small businesses that I support, too. *Attention MOM (my #1 reader, and maybe only reader? SPOILER ALERT: please wait until after Mother's Day is over to read this!!!)



Under $30

The Contents Co. is my new favorite Charleston candle company!  Their candles are all-natural, smell absolutely wonderful, and contain essential oils instead of added fragrance.  Therefore, they are perfect for the mom with a sensitivity to perfumes. Mini 4 oz. candles, botanical mists, and soaks are also available.

Lake Candles is another small company located in Kansas City, made by husband and wife team Lainey & James.  I met them when they lived in CHS, and we have been simultaneously growing our small businesses. Lainey has been a great support system, and by the look and smell of their candles you would never know they are new to the game!  Check out their latest scents, Canoe Club & Lake House!

Under $50

Turkish Towels are all the rage right now, and yours truly imports them from Turkey via my cousin in Istanbul.  She introduced them to our family years ago, and I have been hooked on them ever since because of their quick-drying nature and multi-purpose use.  I always keep one with me as a wrap when traveling, and mom would love one if she is a boater or beach comber. They are also great as towels for the half bathroom or as a decorative throw.  order by 5/1

Mother's Day flowers would normally be at least $40, but a more fun and long-lasting option would be to treat her to a dozen succulents instead.  I had the most fun with my succulent "candy box" I got as a gift, and I know your mom will love it too!

Under $75 

Is champagne her campaign? Maybe supporting charities is what she loves best. You can kill two birds with one stone by sending her some One Hope Wine.  Most people are gaga about the $59 glitter bottle that feeds hungry children, but there less expensive bottles that still support great causes as well. The California Merlot is $18.99 and provides vaccinations to end global disease (shipping is about $5 per bottle). order by 4/28

Whether she lives in the Lowcountry or just loves classy baubles, Charleston Rice Beads make the perfect treat.  The $65 mint green necklace and the $30 navy bracelet are my favorite styles from Candy Shop Vintage this spring!

Under $100

I was immediately smitten with The Lovely Ave's stunning bouquets, but even more so when I realized they are actually handmade from paper!  You would never guess from the looks of them, and I bet mom will love that they won't wilt. order by 4/30  

If your mom is a frequent traveler or pool lover, gift her this handmade ESCAPE weekender bag from Forestbound Trading Company, made in Massachusetts. (Save $10)

Rachel Craig Photography

Rachel Craig Photography


Candles: The Contents Co. , Lake Candles | Turkish Towel: Charleston Weekender

Succulents: Succulent Treasures | Rice Beads: Candy Shop Vintage | Wine: One Hope

 Escape Weekender: Forestbound | Flowers: The Lovely Ave


*most of these retailers appear to have recommended order dates of 4/30, but please check each shop for individual delivery cutoff dates