love is patient!

love is patient!

Patience: It's a virtue. Good things come to those who wait. Even love is patient!  2016 is meant to be a year of patience for me, because I know good things are on the horizon if I will just hurry up and WAIT.  I'm ready to do great things, leave things behind that aren't serving me, be my own full-time boss, makeover my backyard, and be able to run 5 miles again.  I'm striving for a balance between shooting forward full speed ahead and stopping to smell the roses along the way.  In case you could use a little help living in the here and now, here is my current toolkit for practicing patience:

1. coloring books for adults: i dare you to try to stress about the future while you are getting lost in a coloring book. find my favorite, "secret paris" here

2. "make it happen" by lara casey: the fab lady behind southern weddings reminds you that success and balance are not opposites. find it here.

3. .....yes, a toothbrush! each one is stamped with the 3 months you should use it. bonus points for good hygiene but might be a fun way to enjoy the present and count down to things that are happening when you are ready for next quarter's toothbrush. found here.

4. essential oil candle: since taking a class at Candlefish, I've been on an essential oil kick. combine these oils with a candle and you'll have a relaxing room in no time. my favorite oil for relaxing, lavender, is in this candle.

5. plan out your patience: writing down small goals is helping me stay focused on one task at a time.  having an awesome planner/calendar makes the present fun to focus on. i found a great one with goal setting pages here.