Fall is in full swing, and I've decided to make the changing season be a good reason to usher changes into my life in general.  While I'm starting to focus on getting ready for the holiday hustle & bustle, I'm also going to be working hard to prioritize more time for family and friends.  I have a pretty tough boss who has been having me work a lot this summer (A.K.A me!), and I got in the habit of not shutting down enough on evenings and weekends.  I'm ready for more husband time, cool morning walks, and quality girl time.  The Dewberry is one of my new favorite places to connect with some gals for cocktails or indulge in a delicious meal at Henrietta's.  Libby Williams perfectly captured the essence of our recent lady date, full of old-fashioned vibes thanks to our Dandy Boutique attire styled by Charleston Shop Curator.  I hope to be back a lot as the weather cools off and we'll be left longing for a fun indoor spot.  Here are 3 things you will adore about this lovely retro hotel:

1. The Decor

Formerly a Federal building (circa 1960's), The Dewberry has been transformed into an intoxicating retreat. The owner, John Dewberry, has painstakingly attended to every last detail of this property and the hotel is 8 years in the making.  Everything you see was intentional to say the least; from the wall coverings to the curated mid-century furniture down to the font that is modeled after his father's signature.  My favorite part of the hotel is in "The Living Room", which is oozing with chic retro decor. 

John Dewberry is the man behind the details like the fabulous brass map behind us.

John Dewberry is the man behind the details like the fabulous brass map behind us.

2. The Food

While great restaurants are still a dime a dozen in Charleston, somehow Henrietta's Brasserie still managed to have all of us ooh-ing and ahh-ing over every last bite.  Ordering the Keegan Fillion Chicken for Two is a no-brainer; it's as satisfying as fried chicken but a lot healthier.  I also loved all of the seafood we had, and everything really exceeded my expectations since this is still a fairly new restaurant.  Read more about our meal on the Plate South blog.

3. The Bar in the Living Room

Before you even taste your first sip, you will be wowed by the bar itself.  It was shipped to Atlanta so it could be clad in brass, and though she be but little she is fierce!  Their offerings include my favorite fall beverage, an old fashioned, as well as a plentiful wine list.  This is a lovely little spot for a date night or to catch up on gossip with the girls, and if the bar is full you have the whole living room to hang out in! 

Both locals and visitors are going to love stepping back into time at this lovely location.  We had such a great time and I really appreciate skirt! magazine's publisher Jenny Dennis getting this lovely group of ladies together!