A lot of people have been asking me who the "Holy City Chicks" are and what we are all about.  The #HolyCityChicks (see photos via hashtag on Instagram) are not so much one group of people, but any Charleston gal with a blog or social media presence that wants to meet up to have some great professional photos taken at a great price.  Jennifer Collins Photography offers this photo meet-up session monthly to bloggers as a group,  and I coordinate with brands that want to have their products photographed.  Everyone involved benefits through affordable photography and a larger pool of cross-promotion.  We are having so much fun with this, and some really fun brands are starting to take notice!  We are thrilled to be featuring Draper James soon so stay tuned...

Here is a little behind the scenes look at one of our monthly photo shoots for your entertainment, which featured Weekender shirts from Bonfire and dog accessories from Crew LaLa.  Maddie became a Crew LaLa customer a long time ago when we were vendors at a market together, and I have used Bonfire's platform to sell shirts that raised around $1000 for a friend of mine who needed help with medical bills.  The cool thing about Bonfire is you don't have to put any of your own money up front for t-shirt sales, and you can start your own fundraiser with this link. The company will then give and you and I both get an extra dollar for every shirt sold!  You can also buy one of these fun "Weekender" t-shirts through October 30 to benefit Pet Helpers with 100% of profits.

The day of this Bonfire/CrewLaLa shoot was the day before I was leaving town for a week, so I was feeling very scattered.  I'm usually a planner and love coordinating shoots like this, but today was just not my day. Of course my husband had been cleaning for an overnight guest and "cleaned up" the bag of bracelets from Wear It And Wander we were planning to use during the shoot (which I discovered about 10 minutes before needing to leave).  Next it was on to get my make-up done thanks to an invitation from Cos Bar, who was celebrating 40 years of great make-up!  This was a bright spot of the day, because the CosBar staff was not only so welcoming and sweet to me, but also to Maddie!  I loved the whole experience because the makeup artist, Leslie, was really fast and knew her stuff without making me feel too done up.  This was probably the only thing that went right that day, because my makeup was STILL looking good 7 hours later when I finally had my lunch at 10pm (see bathroom selfie, and I hate selfies but I had to share)!  

Post make-up application and Maddie and I are rushing to get to the shoot with 2 bags full of collars and leashes.  We head to the battery where some of the bloggers and their pups are hanging out at the gazebo being very patient.  One after another we got photos of each pair, with group photos in the middle. Well, needless to say some dogs liked each other better than others so we didn't get to have many as a group.   I hope you enjoy my favorite shots of the day along with a couple of outtakes. Remind me to NEVER try to take photos so many dogs at once ever again, I'm sticking with bloggers!

Thanks to Jennifer's daughter, Bethany for being such a perfect and life-saving assistant!

Everyone wound up looking pretty darn great, don't you think?  You and your pup should grab a Weekender tee to benefit Pet Helpers, and support a great local handmade company with a CrewLaLa leash/collar & bow, bowtie, or bandana! 

Photography: Jennifer Collins Photography | Limited Edition Weekender Tee: Bonfire | Dog Accessories: Crew LaLa | Shoot Styling: Charleston Weekender

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