Who else is pumped for 2016?!  Oprah Winfrey said it best, "Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right."  It's always refreshing to have a reason to have a brand new start.  Here are some of my year long resolutions/life goals that I am pretty excited about:

1.  WRITE MORE DOWN-  One of my favorite books in 2015 (that I almost actually read all of) was "Moonwalking With Einstein"... all about an average Joe who came to be a memory champion.  For a long time I have heard that writing down details of your day can improve your memory. I know myself too well to think I will try to journal everyday, but apparently the more memories you make (and write down) from trips, celebrations, or date nights, the longer your life will seem! 

2.  TRY SOMETHING NEW WHENEVER POSSIBLE-  I think my goal of being a "regular" at a restaurant was finally realized after living next door to the Park Cafe.  It got a little out of hand, i.e. sometimes twice in one day.  We recently moved so I'm hoping to now have a reason to tackle my Charleston Bucket List: Fast & French, Trattoria Luca, Martha Lou's, lunch at Wickliffe House, and even Upper Deck for Sunday karaoke.  I was so glad when I recently branched out to try Apartment A, the Taco Spot's sister restaurant (killer tamales!).  Other than restaurants, I want to try more scary things out of my comfort zone.  I taught my first felted soap making class in December and loved it! As much as I know I'm not an expert, it definitely gave me confidence through the process of branching out. 

3. TAKE MORE WALKS- Visiting NYC last summer was a great reminder to change my mentality about hopping in the car so much.  When I lived in DC, I would usually walk anywhere within a mile because it wasn't otherwise worth the time it took to take the metro.  Getting my steps from walking to get my morning coffee or walking a mile to the post office is way more enjoyable than getting those steps at the gym!  I'll probably be in tennis shoes 24/7 but sorry not sorry.

4. ONLY SURROUND MYSELF WITH THINGS THAT "SPARK JOY"-  After reading "The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up", I have a whole new mentality about what I need and don't need.  I used to have a very long inner dialogue about why I should or should not keep something when it came to organizing my closet, papers, books, etc.  This book teaches you to ask yourself if something brings you joy, and if not, out it goes! It's also a good reminder re: when is the last time you actually used one of those billion buttons or camera manuals you saved?  That stuff certainly wasn't sparking any joy until I tossed it into the trash.  It is my hope that I can offer some home & travel accessories that will spark joy in YOUR life this year. If you are able to find a little happiness in your day from using some pretty soap or lighting a great candle from a fun jar of matches, that's pretty dang fantastic!