Fun times should not just be reserved for the weekend, but that is so much of how we live our lives.  I mean what is better than a really great weekend spent in town with friends/family, or experiencing a weekend getaway to a new place?  It's usually after one of these kinds of weekends I find myself hibernating on the couch after work for way too many days in a row feeling blah.  In my constant attempt to be "a grown-up", I have been thinking about ways to make Mondays a little less dreaded. Surely work doesn't have to take all the fun out of your entire week! My mom always tells me to "always have something to look forward to", which is usually the weekend.  Maybe trying to treat yourself to something to look forward to every day is the way to go.  I'm trying to remember that it's ok to leave work and take a 15 minute walk, or that my workday will be even better if I hit up a great yoga class or coffee shop first.  Less "work and couch" days, please!  It is my hope that this blog does NOT give you FOMO (bc I am pretty good at having fun!) but rather that it inspires you to have even more fun in your own life and shift your focus to finding joy in the little things.  I'll be working on that too, so that every day can feel (almost) as good as the weekend!