Weekender Home Tour: MylkBar Founder Katie Shields

Mount Pleasant, SC home

I got to do a photo shoot in this lovely house back in 2018, and let me tell you- it’s even more stunning in person! The kitchen and master closet are goals, people. The home belongs to the talented local entrepreneur who founded MylkBar, Katie Shields.

Give us some quick facts about the house.

Year built: 2017

Part of town: Mount Pleasant

Who lives here with you: My husband Kirk and our two children, Pace and Collier

What is your favorite feature of your house?

We are one of the few homes in Mount Pleasant that is built on a virgin plat of land. Because of this, we were able to maintain the original survey done in the 1800s and build all the way to the critical line. This allows for a spectacular view of the marsh from many areas of the home, and we’ve created lots of outdoor spaces that allow us to enjoy our surroundings.


My favorite room is our master bedroom because it is full of natural light with 180 degree views of the marsh.

master bedroom with dorothy draper martinique wallpaper
white bathroom with rattan accents

Tell us about the design; did you have help from a designer or how did that all happen?

I did all of the selections and design on my own. While I am certainly not a professional, I consider myself an enthusiast! Both of my grandmothers had very stylishly designed homes with features like bold wallpaper and fixtures, so this has always been appealing to me. In fact, I wish I had taken more risks and done green tile in the master bath, but we plan to do that on the next home we build! Things were a bit crazy during the time period in which we designed our current home as I was simultaneously managing the build out for my business, Mylkbar Eco Nails & Beauty, and juggling a new baby. I must thrive on chaos because we are about to do it all over again with another new baby, new Mylkbar location in Nashville, and build a house again! Our current home is listed for sale.

What are some must-haves that help make your space more functional for a family of four?

Wide. Open. Spaces. LOL. And plenty of cabinets! We added more custom cabinets to our den area recently because my toddler brings all of her toys into that area. It used to really make me crazy because I am super organized and do not like clutter, but we had to just embrace it and add more cabinets in that room. Having an open concept in the main living area is really nice for kids, too, because they need room for inside play; especially when the weather prevents them from going outside. One thing I would do differently is install built-in baby gates... Have you seen the options for baby gates?! WOOF. They're all so ugly, which is really unfortunate because someone could be making a lot of money if they made attractive baby gates. We are definitely doing custom baby gates in our next home.

cabinets for extra storage in den

Share some of the sources you used to decorate. What local stores/artists and websites do you love for finding those stylish accents?

My favorite place to shop locally is Celadon. Their service is impeccable and the finds are pretty unique as their buyers go on trips to curate distinct furniture and decor with limited quantities being sold. I also love GDC as they have an impeccable selection of fine fabrics. We recently got an antique chair recovered that has been in my family since the 1800s and I used a blush pink linen fabric that I found from GDC. My favorite designers to follow include my good friend Megan McFarland and I also love Justina Blakeney, Banner Day Interiors, and Audrey Crisp Interiors. One of my favorite websites is Designer Wallcoverings; they carry brands like Thibaut, Coordonne Spain, and Beverly Hills Wallpaper.

Lowcountry entryway, white with natural accents

Can people stay in this beautiful home or do you have any rental properties listed on VRBO/Airbnb?

We are actually working on a VRBO that we invested in with my parents off of Coleman Blvd. We plan to live there while we build again, so stay tuned for the VRBO updates. You can also follow my business adventures on our Mylkbar Instagram and website. I designed both the location here and the one in Nashville. For Nashville, we used the same colorway found in our Charleston location, but the vibe is more modern, less beachy. Can't wait for y'all to see what we have in store!

Charleston home surrounded by oak trees and marsh views

Thank you so much to Katie for letting us peek inside her fabulous home. Find more Charleston home tours here, get some ideas for your next visit or play tourist in your own town with my Charleston Guide, and come say hi on my Instagram for lots more inspiration!

all images c/o Tyler Davidson


Weekender mani round-up

When it comes to trying to make every day feel like the weekend, nothing can perk me up quite like a fresh mani! I just started sharing a new manicure every month (check out July’s here), but I have so many fun ones to catch you up on before I add any new ones to the mix. Enjoy some fun inspiration photos below, or check out #CharlestonWeekenderMani on Instagram for more nail art ideas!

Barbie by The Gel Bottle Inc.

Mani by Lu.Nu.La Nail Lab using The Gel Bottle Inc. in Barbie


Mani by Lu.Nu.La Nail Lab using Young Nails Mani Q In Aqua Marine 101


Mani by Mylk Bar using Zoya nail polish


Mani by Imelda @ Olive & June Beverly Hills in OPI Alpine Snow

Confetti dots Mani by Top Nails in Mount Pleasant

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Weekender mani of the month

I’m such a sucker for a fun manicure. My friends actually say they don’t recognize me when I don’t have my nails painted, ha! I wanted to share this recent nail art I had done by a local Charleston artist, and it’s all about the lemons.


We started with Young Nails Mani Q Aqua Marine 101 as the background color. Then, Angela (the owner of Lu.Nu.La Nail Lab) worked her magic with all the fun details- a few white and yellow stripes and some lemons with leaves.


I was inspired by this striped lemon print dress, and some other cute fruit nail art I had seen on @LunulaNailLab’s Instagram. Angela did such a great job, and I think this mani is just just perfect for summertime!

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Weekender Wardrobe: Summer Steals

Happy Summer, weekenders!  Today I just had to share this head to toe $100 outfit find with you (including hat, shoes, and both tees).


While I do try to opt for fashion that’s made in the USA and shop small and local when I can, I’m a sucker for a sale!  My rule is I will still only buy something on sale if I love it and would still want it at full price.  I’ve definitely shifted from a mindset of quantity to quality, because I really have everything I need and I tend to buy staples I know I’ll wear season after season.  It’s pretty fun to treat yourself to something new from time to time though! 


I was extra tickled when I found these pieces at a store I don’t often frequent, JC Penney! The closest one is at the Northwoods Mall and it’s kind of a hike. Bonus of shopping there is the nearby Target is pretty stellar; the Mount Pleasant one gets cleaned out of all the good stuff too fast compared to this one.


This isn’t a sponsored post, but I did get to put this outfit together for a fun job recently.  Sometimes brands want help with content creation- meaning they need fun photos that show real people in their products or clothing.   A company that works with JCP hired me to create a head to toe summer look, and also gave me a $100 gift card to make the outfit.  This is what I came up with!


I feel a tad guilty I didn’t iron the ties/belt on the skirt, but what can I say- busy week! (Insert laughing- crying emoji) 

I scored one of the last skirts in store, so if you want to shop everything online you should find it all here:  The skirt also comes in blue and is under $20, so I think I might need to snatch it up too!


I also rounded up several hats $100 & under (most are far less) for anyone else who can’t fight the southern summer humidity!  Shop those here: 

Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to make every day feel like the weekend!



Weekender Home Tour: The Bea's Nest

Isle of Palms Bea's Nest: Charleston Weekender Home Tour

Welcome to my new series of Charleston home tours! It’s happening monthly, or perhaps even more frequently if you guys like it (if you do, please save it on your Pinterest or share to Facebook for me). I realized I get so much inspiration from peeking inside beautiful homes of all styles, especially here in Charleston. I just happen to know some really cool gals who have taken such care to making their houses truly wonderful and inspiring places, so I thought it would be fun to share some! Shameless plug alert: you can peek inside my home in the Summer 2019 issue of Charleston Home and Design Magazine (eek!), or check out my home tour on Apartment Therapy.

Ok, without further ado, I thought it would fe fun to get this series started by giving away a 3 night stay in this fabulous beach house (just enter here before Friday June 28th)! This particular home is the Isle of Palms vacation home and rental that belongs to my friend Mary Jo Anderson from Port2Palm. The Anderson family named their island abode The Bea’s Nest because the original home owner is Beatrice Ravenel. Bea is a famous poetress, and her poetry still adorns the bookshelves of the recently renovated 1800’s home. Read on to hear more about this gorgeous space from Mary Jo.

What’s your favorite feature of the house?

I love the indoor/outdoor living space. Our lounge area has 3 garage doors that open up to the pool, so you can go from sitting and reading in the cozy space to jumping in the pool within a few feet! The indoor space is where we watch movies and gather, but most of our visits include plenty of pool and beach time.

Another special thing about the Beas Nest is the energy here. It’s hard to explain, but as soon as my husband Bryce and I walked in for the first time, we knew we could see ourselves spending time with our future grandchildren here. We are both in our 30’s, but we have a huge appreciation for charm and history, so we love that this house is a great blend of old and new. The doors and floors are all original to the home and that’s so special. It’s a gathering place and an environment that easily lends itself to creating wonderful memories with the ones you love. It’s hard to explain but the house just gives off a special feeling- it has it’s own personality and heartbeat.

Tell us about the gorgeous design… did you have help from an interior designer?

When we bought the home in 2016, it had recently been redesigned and was move in ready. There was a lot of white and we loved the feeling of open space that created, but we did need to add our own touches on the house to make it feel like ours. Last year I enlisted the help of a talented Interior Designer, my friend Katie Goodrich (founder of Ivory & Bone Interiors) to finish the space. She added amazing details like our bee door knocker, cozy but stylish seating, and lots of other elements our family loves. She also decorated our current home in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

lowcountry home design; all white interior with plants
Chic white Isle of Palms home

What are some must-haves that make your space functional for your adorable family of 5?

Having an outdoor shower is a Godsend! We spend most of our time together at the beach, so this is huge for keeping sand outside where it belongs. We love getting to enjoy our vacation home without being worried about clean up, and this definitely helps with that! The pool is of course such a great spot the whole family can enjoy together, but I actually have my own favorite part of the house. It’s hard to get much quiet time when you have 3 kids, so the swing on the front porch is my special haven when I need a break. Most of the action and common areas are at the back of the house, and the only thing I can hear from the porch are birds chirping and the occasional golf cart passing.

Charleston giveaway at Isle of Palms vacation rental

Thank you so much to Mary Jo for giving us a look inside this amazing Isle of Palms home! You’ll love watching her Instagram stories; her family adventures will suck you right in. Also thanks to Mary Jo for giving everyone a chance to win a 3 night stay in this pretty place. Don’t forget to enter our giveaway before June 28th; one lucky person will even get a flight voucher! If you don’t want to take your chances, just book your own Bea’s Nest stay here (warning, it fills up fast)!.