Weekending Ideas: Summer Camp Movies

Moonrise Kingdom Print by Lauren Gregg, $35

Moonrise Kingdom Print by Lauren Gregg, $35

When you need to just curl up on the couch and watch a great movie, there is nothing more frustrating than being stuck with no clue what to watch.  My husband and I often spend at least 30 minutes watching previews trying to pick a movie.  If that has happened to you, allow me to introduce one of my favorite genres: summer camp movies. Ok this isn't a real movie genre you will find in your Netflix app, but there are so many movies worth watching that have to do with this nostalgic summer theme.  Even if you're like me and never actually went to summer camp, I'm sure you'll still appreciate the celebration of childhood, enjoy the scenery offered by the great outdoors, and possibly even be inspired to seek out some adventure.   

1. Troop Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, what a thrill!  I grew up on this movie but at the time didn't realize how fabulous it really is.  Phyllis Nefler is the most fashion forward troop leader you'll ever meet, who suddenly has me wishing I had a khaki cape and a green neck scarf.  This movie is all about rooting for the underdog, and you'll probably see a little of yourself in at least one of the girl scouts.

all images via Google

all images via Google

2. Parent Trap (NOT the Lindsay Lohan one!)

I have been watching this movie since I was too young to realize Haley Mills was playing her own twin in this movie (despite her British accent sometimes creeping into her American character).  It doesn't even matter, it's still the best movie ever and I don't really know why.  Maybe that whole torturing your evil step-mother thing is just fun to watch unfold, or perhaps the story of sisterhood is what gets me.  Regardless, you're going to love it. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

3. Moonrise Kingdom

If you have never seen a Wes Anderson movie (and/or don't even know what that means), prepare to get hooked.  Even if the plot was terrible I would watch his movies for the cinematography, but throw in Bill Murray & Bruce Willis cameos and a really sweet love story and you have a recipe for the perfect weekend flick. 

4. Wet Hot American Summer

This is worth the watch purely for the stellar cast.  Not only is it chock full of SNL greats i.e. Amy Poehler & Molly Shannon, there is also plenty of eye candy from the likes of Bradley Cooper & Elizabeth Banks.  You will definitely be hooked enough to enjoy the Netflix season that takes place the same year as the movie, despite the characters having now aged 15 years.  It's pretty hilarious yet awesome how they pull it off.

5.  Heavyweights

I used to watch this before the Disney Channel was all about Miley and it still entertains me today.  It's co-written by Judd Apatow and features Ben Stiller as a weight loss camper's worst nightmare.

If you love Summer Camp vibes as much as I do, check out this summer camp decor I created for a client of mine.  I also just visited Summer Camp Hotel, an entire hotel with a summer camp theme, so I'm loving it even more. It was a step up from a cabin with bunk beds, but still created such fun playful atmosphere.  I'll be sharing more from that spot soon, or find me on Instagram to see some of my photos. 



A Progressive Girl's Night Out on Hutson's Alley

Nestled in the cutest little alley is a swanky trifecta of awesome restaurants.  Known as "Huston's Alley, you'll find Michaels on the Alley, The Victor Social Club, and Vincent Chicco's.  This is a great place to make an evening of it with the gals, from happy hour to dessert!  I highly recommend starting with a drink at Victors, then pick a restaurant and get an appetizer and the other for dinner.  Everything we tried was delicious, but the calamari was my favorite!

Girl's Night Out(fit)

I paired my white Betty B LaRoque top with some of last year's capris.  Shop Borough made sure we all had cute clutches and we rocked some lovely jewels from Cristina V



A Daytripper's Guide to Savannah


 I hope you enjoy this guide to a day in what is often referred to as "Slow-vannah" due to it's relaxation-evoking atmosphere.  This post is in partnership with Visit Savannah, but all opinions are my own.

While I highly recommend spending at least a weekend in this charming southern city, you can easily make it a day or overnight trip from Charleston.  If you're coming from SC, be sure to pull over for a stop at the Carolina Cider Company along the way.  You'll find plenty of nostalgic cuteness and delicious local goods.

Getting Around

Savannah is very walkable, so bring some tennis shoes and you can see so many different parts of the city on foot.  Renting a bike, hailing a pedi-cab, horse & buggy, or trolley are all great ways to explore. 


Must-See Shops

Savannah is home to a couple of my absolute favorite shops.  The Paris Market is basically a combo of French fanciness & southern hospitality all wrapped up into this chic & comfy store.  There's an adorable cafe and two floors of the best gift & decor shopping in the city. The new(ish) kid on the block is Emily McCarthy's Shoppe.  I've been a long-time fan of Emily's blog and online shop, so I was so thrilled to get to see her adorable brick and mortar.  It's an explosion of color and class, and her melamine products are my favorite.  I went home with a darling lemon tray.

Where to Wet Your Whistle

The coffee beverage that was most highly recommended to me was The Collins Quarter.  Their lavender latte was a huge hit, and they were even able to cater to my dairy-free needs.  I'd love to try another meal here sometime because the breakfast was delish! 

Artillery Bar was my kind of cocktail joint.   It was a little bit old-fashioned, a little bit trendy, and every bit delicious!  Ask for anything that comes with smoked rosemary and you won't be disappointed.

A Foodie's Favorites

For lunch we love the Olde Pink House Restaurant.  They give you complimentary cheese straws that were too good to pass up (sorry, dairy allergy!).  It's definitely where to go if you want a authentic southern cuisine and a great selection of local beers as well.


Our very cute hotel (The Brice, more on that later) had the best restaurant inside (Pacci's Italian Kitchen), so it was really hard to pry ourselves away to venture out to other places.  Breakfast and dinner there were both awesome, but my favorite was the simple but delicious Pacci Granola with local Perc cold brew coffee.

Head to my Instagram to see more photos from my Savannah trip & to my online shop to find travel accessories for your next adventure.



Weekender Style: Best Boating Accessory

I recently teamed up with the best charter boat in town, Om Sailing Charters, & the coolest twins in town, KC Doubletake.  They helped me show off my favorite accessory to bring to the beach, pool, or boat- Turkish towels!  My family has used these for ages, and we are obsessed for so many reasons: they dry 3x faster than a terrycloth towel, repel sand, make a great sarong, and are very absorbent despite how thin they are. I'm so excited about my new colors in my online shop for spring and I hope you love them, too!  Check out this segment from Lowcountry Live for a special discount code, and enjoy these photos from Kailee DiMeglio Photography.

Cutest Cover-Up

Sassy Sarong

Quick-Drying Towel

Turkish Towels, $32 // Charleston Sunsets (multi-color stripes), Miami Brights (tricolor),          other styles



Weekender Home Tour: CSOL Designer Showhouse

Did you know that Charleston has our very own designer showhouse?!  It's open through April 15, and is where the best of the best of southern designers feature their interior design work in a real home.  There is also a boutique & cafe in the home, so you can make a day of it!  I'm very thrilled to have some of my Turkish towels on display in the Delicious Kitchens bathroom, as well as for sale in the boutique.  You can purchase tickets to tour the home for $25 at the door, and find more information about some of the designers on my last Lowcountry Live segment.  Enjoy this album of some of my favorite rooms from interior experts like Mitchell Hill, The English Room, & more.

CSOL website: