Palm Springs Weekending

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Palm Springs came across my radar a few years ago, and I immediately fell in love with the colorful & quaint city upon my first visit in 2016.  While I was there during that first visit, a man at a neighboring table at Bingo night warned me to "be careful, Palm Springs will get in your blood!".  To say he hit the nail on the head would be an understatement! 

A couple of visits later, I fell in love with the annual Palm Springs event called Modernism Week, a celebration of midcentury architecture, design, and culture.  While I was there as part of the "Mod Squad", I stayed at the gosh darn adorable Weekend House.  You can find my other recommendations around town in my Palm Springs Life Magazine Weekend Guide, but keep scrolling to see why Lucy Marie Photography & I fell so in love with The Weekend House! 

 all images c/o  Lucy Marie Photography

all images c/o Lucy Marie Photography

Themed Rooms Abound

I love a good theme, so why not have a whole room that hightlights your favorite icon.  The Weekend House has a flamingo room, pineapple room, cactus room, and the list goes on.  I have to say I think the Flamingo room stole my heart.  That pink phone is just too much!


Games Galore

I'm always a sucker for fun and games.  One of my favorite tried and true ways to make it feel more like the weekend is to shut of the television and break out the board games!  The Weekend House made me rediscover my love for Dominoes, so I bought this adorable pair that they had in their super chic den.  They had so many cute games both indoors and out- corn hole, ping pong, you name it!  


Outdoor Haven, Check!

The best way to enjoy your vacation is to make sure you have a tranquil space to enjoy the outdoors.  In Palm Springs, a pool is a must. They had a hot tub for us to enjoy, too!  We certainly spent some good quality time living it up in this very well thought out backyard. Doesn't being surrounded by lots of green just make you so happy?! This is my kind of "great outdoors"!

Email me or get in touch on Instagram if you ever make your way to Palm Springs. I would love to help you have fun in my California happy place!  You can follow #WeekenderTravels to get even more travel inspiration, or pin this to Pinterest so you don't forget to add it to your bucket list.



How To Get Yourself Into a Funk (& back out of it!)


I originally planned to wait and share this when I was riding high on cloud nine once again, very far removed from my doldrums with plenty of superb wisdom in hand.  However, by the time I'm out of a funk I have usually forgotten just how bad it stinks and likely will have moved on to sunny & motivating topics once again.  So instead, I'm coming at you just a day or 2 out of a major funk- one that has been with me off and on for weeks and might not be completely gone!  The only word to describe it is just "blerg", a term often used by my favorite TV character (Liz Lemon), written so beautifully here by my friend The Town Serif.  

Here Are Some Funk-Inducers:

Not Exercising

My decline in physical activity has been slow and steady since opening our shop last April.  I got to a point where I was excited about being tied to my computer all the time, and slowly but surely working out fell by the wayside.  I am only successful with exercise when I am doing something truly enjoyable or being held externally accountable.  I'm currently on my second of 6 weeks working with a trainer to get myself back in the habit.  On my off days I try to get 10k steps a day.  A trainer isn't something I necessarily have extra room in my budget for, but I know it's an invaluable gift I can give myself to help me get back on track and reinstate good habits.  I'm training with Victoria from Glow Body Health & Wellness, & loving working out with her in the park!

Setting Goals

Some people thrive when they are held accountable by goals, but I tend to get easily overwhelmed by all of the things I could be/should be doing.  For right now, I'm just concentrating on tracking my business "wins".  If I work with a client I'm excited about, had a good sales month, etc., it gets added to the list.  It's nice to have a list you actually want to look at for a change!  

Eating White Foods

The three biggies that always get me are flour, sugar, and dairy!  Our bodies don't actually need these things and for some people, they can really cloud up our brain!  No, I don't have any fancy studies to back this one up, but if you start doing your own research you will be amazed. A lot of times when I find myself bloated, fatigued, or anxious for no good reason at all, it's usually because I haven't been keeping these things out of my diet. I also eat WAY too many white potatoes (in all forms) and am trying to sub sweet potatoes- white ones can be inflammatory and have a chemical called lectin that is apparently no bueno.  I have noticed most of my funks happen around my period, and to me that still points back to the foods in question here. None of them are known for being great for hormonal imbalances!

Playing The Comparison Game

For me, the girl I compare myself to the most? MYSELF. circa about 2009- working as a speech-language therapist in DC, making about 80k a year.  Plenty of money to have fun with and plenty to save.  The path to that career took 6 years of school, so why am sitting here thinking I'll get the same paycheck after just 2 years of hard work at Charleston Weekender?! Rome wasn't built in a day, duh!  It seems more common to compare yourself to what you see on social media.  I'm usually good about not doing that, but occasionally I'll see another blogger working with a brand that's turned me down and I get a little FOMO!  That's when it's time to head back to that "wins" list and refocus energy on what I DO have going on.  That energy could be spent in such better ways and we are better than that, friends!

 image c/o Kim Graham

image c/o Kim Graham

Ok, Let's Fix Our Funk! 

In addition to some of the suggestions I offered above, here are some strategies that have usually helped me.

Seek Outside Help

Sometimes I can work my way out of my own depression (which for me doesn't actually feel like sadness, just lack of motivation and lethargy/apathy).  Other times we need real professional help.  For right now that means hiring a trainer, and at times that has also meant I've worked with a talk therapist.  Occasionally, outside help is as simple as reaching out to a friend.  Simply scheduling a phone date with a gal pal is all it takes for me to get moving a lot of times.

Pat Yourself On The Back!

I bet you don't say mean things to your friends like "you really should be making more money" or "you really could be a better parent", right? Ok, then why are we letting ourselves say such mean things sometimes!?  If you heard the things I said to myself lately- about my job, about being a wife, or even about being depressed, you would think it was terrible!  I noticed when I was reading daily affirmations and writing down what I was grateful for as part of my 30 days of habit making that it was easier to stay positive with my thoughts.  Practice thinking, writing, or talking about the good things you have going on!

Take a Chill Pill, Literally!

When all else fails, I turn to medication.  This is NOT my first choice if I'm being honest. In general I am working toward having an all-natural approach to what I put on and in my body.  However, sometimes my anxiety zaps my energy and turns into depression if I don't nip it in the bud.  That means after a few too many nights of waking up at 4am I just might need a Xanax the next night.  I have also tried Prozac in the past but didn't like the side effects.  What works for me might not work for you, but sometimes it can make a world of difference.  Good news is I think I have found an all-natural substitute for Xanax that I've been trying- the essential oil vetiver! I've been rubbing it on my big toe at night and my husband and I both experience much less restless sleep that lasts all night (until Maddie snores, ugh). 

Like I said in my latest IG post, you can actually have ZERO things to complain about and plenty to be grateful for and STILL find yourself in a funk.  I hope this helps us get us out of it once again, my friends!  I'd love for you to share what helps you- leave a comment here or on over on Instagram.



Growing a Retail Brand: Q & A with Trina Turk

 images c/o  Lucy Marie Photography  

I'm sure most of you have already heard of one of my favorite clothing designers, Trina Turk!  In 1995, Trina & her stylist/photographer husband Jonathan founded the vibrant clothing line that has since evolved to be a modern yet timeless lifestyle brand.  You guys know how much I love color, so it's no surprise that visiting her flagship brick and mortar is always on the top of my list when I visit Palm Springs!


Liz: Tell us one thing you're glad you did from the get-go and one thing you wish you had known before you started your company. 

Trina: Bold print and vibrant color were important characteristics even from the very first collection. They have become touchstones of our brand.  I should have been more cautious about who I invited to be a partner in the company early on!

Liz: You're a successful designer who is still actually very involved with her brand.  Tell us about what facets of your business you recommend delegating and what areas you're glad you still have a hand in. 

Trina: I would love to delegate everything that is not aesthetic or creative, but I’m still involved in all aspects of the business, partly because there is no one else to do it!  My favorite part of my job is fabric and print selection, and creating styles that work in those fabrics and prints. 

Liz: Tell us about some of the benefits of having both a retail brand (that is available in other stores) as well as having brick and mortar stores of your own.  These are essentially two separate businesses in some ways, but are you glad you did both?  

Trina: We started as a wholesale company at a time when department stores were doing quite well and before the advent of online shopping.  The world of retail has changed dramatically during the years we’ve been in business, with department stores giving up a big share of their business to e-commerce. It’s great to have our own stores and because between the two, we can meet style production minimums.   We opened our first boutique in Palm Springs in 2002.  The most gratifying thing about having your own stores is creating the environment to showcase the products.  I’ve had a great time working on the interior design projects-- with great designers—for our stores. 

When you are only selling to other stores, how your products are displayed is not up to you.  In our own stores, we have the opportunity to communicate directly with our customers, and hear their feedback about our products first hand. We can test styles in our stores and find out quickly if they’re working or not.  Wholesale remains a very important part of our overall business.  We have great customers who have been buying Trina Turk for years, and we value the support they have shown us by educating their customers about Trina Turk. 

Liz: Can you offer any insight to someone who is considering expanding their online brand to open brick and mortar?  Is there anything you would have done differently in terms of store locations, size, etc.?

Trina: We did it the other way around—i.e.brick and mortar first, then ecommerce, so I don’t have actual experience on how to expand an online brand to brick and mortar.

There is a long list of things we would have done differently in terms of our retail location choices!  We struck gold on our first store location (Palm Springs), but not all of our choices have been equally strong.   My suggestion to anyone considering opening a retail location in the current environment would be to try a pop-up shop first to test the location and concept before signing a long-term lease. 

Liz: Considering you're a brand with national recognition, you still remain quite involved within smaller communities. For instance, you have been a featured designer at our Charleston Fashion Week, and most recently at (was it Phoenix?) Fashion Week.  What are the benefits of being involved in smaller outlets vs. purely focusing on large scale events like NYFW.

Trina: We were invited by Belk—one of our customers—to participate in Charleston Fashion Week,  so it was in support of our relationship with Belk, and to bring brand awareness to customers in that part of the country.  We recently participated in Scottsdale Fashion Week and Fashion Week El Paseo in Palm Desert, CA.  We are scouting locations for a boutique in Scottsdale, so that’s why we did a show there.   We have a one year old shop in Palm Desert, plus our store in Palm Springs, so we did El Paseo Fashion Week to show off our spring collection to potential customers in the desert. All of these shows were consumer facing events.  We have participated in both Los Angeles and New York Fashion Weeks in the past, but these shows tend to be for buyers and press, and the merchandise shown will not hit stores for 6 months.  If we were based in New York instead of Los Angeles, it would be more cost effective for us to show at NYFW more regularly!


WOW!  I can't thank Trina enough for sharing all of that amazing insight!  She's truly an inspiration to all of us color-loving ladies and women in business.  Check out my favorite spring picks below (which contain affiliate links I'll earn a commission from when you click on them), and don't forget to read my other entrepreneur guides if you found this helpful. 



Charleston Life: Spring Round-Up


There are so many fun and fabulous Charleston events almost every day in our city!  I wanted to make sure you know about a few of my favorites so you can plan accordingly.  Leave a comment if there's anything else happening we should know about!

1. Charleston Fashion Week // March 13-17

Grab your gal pals and head to Marion Square for 5 nights of fashion shows!  You'll see runway shows from local boutiques and talented emerging designers.  Grab your ticket here so I can see you at the tents!

2.  CSOL Designer Showhouse // March 14- April 15

This is a great chance to see inside a Tradd Street Home.  Talented designers from around the region decorate different rooms in a lovely Charleston home, and you get to tour it!  See my post from last year's house here, and go to this link to purchase your tickets. 


3. Festival of Houses & Gardens // March 15- April 21

See inside even more charming Charleston homes, explore beautiful window boxes, and set foot in plenty of private gardens.  There are multiple events happening as part of this festival- everything from home & garden tours to luncheons to concerts!  Get details and purchase tickets here.  


I'll keep adding to this post as I hear of more fun things happening around town!